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Subtle differences between two GFB Dancing Santa blow molds

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I acquired these two GFP "Dancing Santa" blow molds a couple of days ago and began to notice even though they were both made by General Foam Plastics and had the same blow mold ID number - 078-130005 there were several differences.  I think one that had a Walmart sticker on the base with a $19.97 price is the newer one shown on the left below.  It weighs a lot less, 3 pounds 10 ounces. The one on the right weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces.  The paint is much thicker on the older one.  GFP didn't paint the accents on the mouth and cheek on the newer one and the hands are different colors.  Other than that the two are identical.  The newer one had an 800 lumen LED bulb in it.  The other one was missing the bulb and socket.  Since I light them with 12 V LED strip lighting from inside, that was unimportant.  


I was at the Goodwill outlet store on Thursday when the workers wheeled out a new set of bins and these were on the top of two different bins.  You can't just grab things until all of the bins are in place but have to wait in line.  Luckily nobody ahead of me was interested in them and I got both for $14.  It's a little hard to think of Christmas when it is 103F headed for around 115F today.  I also picked up 8 GE Holiday Spheres shown below without the original packaging for $10.  Not a bad haul for the day.  For some strange reason there was a lot of Christmas display items that day.  There was a nice wicker and metal Santa sled  about 30 inches high and a couple feet long that would have made a nice addition but I am running out of room for storage and for display so I left it and watched as it went back for disposal some other way. 


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