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An Entire City Block!


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Hi all - I've been working with residential lights for many years - mostly DIY - and need some help.
I've been approached by a local city who would like to add a strip of lights on top of each building, on either side of the street, down an entire city block.
Probably a quarter mile or less - it's small city main street.
They would be happy with only white, but if they could have RGB with a little "movement" that would be great.
They have had lights in the past, all glass incandescent, and were all destroyed during a massive hail storm last year.

I'm looking for some advice on a simple option, maybe a metal channel with LED lights?

I know they have power outlets on top of each building. 

Local electricians are not knowledgable on LED, but could install the system if given instructions.

Can someone point me in a direction?


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That sounds like quite a task. Most people on this forum would love such a challenge.  Either you or the city officials need to decide if it will be RGB or white. Then confirm if there is electrical power available at each building.  Create a schedule for getting things done ‘cause you really want these lights in place and tested by early November.  Get help, don’t try to do it all by yourself.  Have fun, it’s what we love doing. 
Hope to see some pics.

P.S. White is nice but you may have more options with RGB. Especially if you’re doing this for years to come.

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Thanks - I'm working on getting some detail and photos of the past project. I found out last night that a town about 30 miles away has recently finished a project like this. I'm working on getting some details on their finished project. I'll pass that information along in this thread when I have the details if can help anyone else.

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