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Train, homemade

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uDV4J81AdQ&t=20s   lol 2013... so long ago, I had forgotten this was online still.

This train was first built starting Aug 2010 and with the 1st 4 cars ready to go by Thanksgiving weekend. Many husband hours of tinkering after work and 12-15 hours on the weekend to get this done. I was the painter and decorator.  We are not the original idea but we used similar technique. Ours is built mostly with a wood base and the other person who is no longer running his train built his with metal. We just dont know how to weld. Wood still works. Start with the mobility wheel chair motor with a limited slip differential if you can find one. This will determine the width of your track. Ours is 14 inches inside to inside.  We then made a cardboard cut outs to get a visual how to cut the framework of the train. I going to let the pictures tell the story.  The sheet metal is air duct tube and reducer, i searched high and low till i found one that look like a smoke stack. The whole tube opens up to insert the battery. Its hinged at the front by the grill. Each flat car is the same build with diff paint jobs and decorated accordingly and each has flat top that fits into each frame of the car so it can be removed for storing and the cars base can stack on top of each others besting on the castor framework. Lazy susan allows it to bend around the corners and the small castor wheels is what keeps its within the track. the red wagon(garden) wheels are for aesthetics and we can no longer get the 6in red wheels and now have converted to white. Tried painting them red but that came out lousy. About every 2 seasons or 100 miles+/- the wheels will wear down from riding the track, they will separate at their rivots and cause a mini train wreck...lol it just  blows a fuse. Always have spare fuses, wheels and an extra battery on hand.  We made a templates for the track and used brick stop for the curves and 2x3s for the straights. For the coal I used lava rock and spray painted them and glued to a flat piece of plywood to give the illusion that its full. The coal box is just that, a hollow box sitting on a car. Each car can be taken apart and stored. We have wires that piggyback to each car for added lights and all lead up to the engine car for power.  !st yr of laying track was short, since then we have tripled the track length.  We made a dolly so we can take the train off the track each night and put away, there are 2 in this pic and today we now have 4 dollies.  Connectors to each train and the leash gets connected to provide power to the lights. I need find one more picture of the back of engine where all the wires are connected too. Will post at a later date if it means we have to pull the engine out and snap a new picture.

4 mobility in motion motor.jpg

5a engine subframe.jpg

6 cardborad mockup.jpg

tender car.jpg





9a rear truck platform.jpg

10c front axle.jpg

23a cruved 23a track on teplate.jpg

24 8 foot section of track.jpg

25 track layout.jpg

Christmas Train.jpg


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