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Colored bulbs for a nativity?

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This morning I found a yard sale on Facebook and I could make out a Marble nativity in the garage. I showed up and surprisingly nothing was really sold. I went up to the garage and there it was. and it had 200 scribbled on the flap of the box. I asked the daughter doing the sale if it was $20 or $200? and she informed me it was only $2. I took it and a holiday projector with no questions asked.


Once I got home I discovered that while nothing is yellowed it seems the manger is missing (no big deal) but also Marry has a crack on her forehead and it reached to her scalp with a small hole in the center. I could probably patch it up with some light white epoxy but that's for another day. Marry also had a daylight bulb inside of her to make her light up blue. I thought this was a unique approach to the standard bleak white nativity. I already have it planned that Mary can light up blue and Jesus can possibly be gold but my main problem is Joseph. (not to get political/biblical) but I have always disliked the look of Empire's pink Joseph. As far as my knowledge goes pink was a wealthy color back then and was only used at certain times. With Mary and Joseph being depicted poor I have always liked Poloron's paint choice with the brown,yellow and sometimes red. But now I'm at a standstill. What color should Joseph be lit up as? Anyone have any suggestion? Thinking maybe Yellow? I don't want to do a mud brown or army green though.

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