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Fed up with battery operated blow molds and lights.....

Municipal Christmas

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I see Target has a new larger blow mold jack-o-lantern or at least one I don't have yet but it's but it is battery operated. I see this year they changed all the blow mold jack-o-lanterns to battery operated (at Target). I am getting sick of all these battery operated items. Even stores like QVC.com have almost everything they are selling indoors and out is battery operated. Why do they think people want all this battery operated stuff? I hate having to to find ways to make battery operated stuff plug-in. And why would anyone want all this battery operated stuff for outdoors? It makes no logical since.


pumpkin 01.webp

QVC Garland or Wreath.webp

*It makes no logical sense.


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I'm not a fan of battery operated lights either but I can see why they are being sold this way.  Anything that attaches to house current versus being powered by replaceable batteries must meet a lot of regulatory hurdles such as being "UL or CSA Approved" for sale in the US or Canada.  The other reason is that the battery operated lights are very inexpensive to produce.  Go to your local Dollar Tree and look at the small solar powered driveway markers.  Each one contains a solar array, a tiny Ni-Cad cell, and an LED.  It boggles my mind that the Chinese can make one of these cheaply enough so that they can be shipped around the world and still be sold for one dollar.


A lot of people just use the pumpkins for a couple of days around Halloween.  It's a lot easier for them to pop in three batteries and use them than hook up an extension line from the house.  Given the number of these that show up in my local Goodwill outlet, I would say that a lot of people consider them a throw away item anyway.  That's great for me as I picked up at least two dozen of these over the past two years in various sizes and types.  I just convert them to 12V LED (see recent post on battery conversion). 

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