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Comet Wishlist

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Hi all,

Just a quick post to give people achance to seethat Comet is a greatoption for sequencing with.I've got an item or two I would like to see Comet be able to do, and I'm sure that other people have ideas as well. The old Chatroom had a wishlist topic that I thought would be good here as well to allow for interaction of developers as well as users of Comet. My item currently is that I would like to use Comet in concert with Windows Media Player (WMP) to alternate between random .mp3 files that do not havea sequence (all channels on) and .mp3 files I do have sequenced, so I could have a random song static display for 3 songs, then do a song I have sequenced for 1 song, then back to random, etc., etc.

I don't know if anyone else thinks that something that would be beneficial or not.

Hope everyones diplays are working great!

I'm looking forward to some good ideas about Comet! We've got to let others on the site know that we're still here and love Darryl's FREE sequencer app and are very thankful for all he's done to support it and keep this hobby affordable.


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Hi BMSkier,

Comet is a sequencer program developed by PC'er, Computer Christmas member and http://www.D-Light.us wizard,Darryl Quinn for use with standard .mp3 file formats. Darryl has provided this software free of charge in an open-source-code style for sharing with the computer lighting community. Current revision 0.9.0 is available at http://home.houston.rr.com/dman776/

Being open-source, developers can use it as-is, or modify it for their own use through writing their own plug-ins. Current revisions have plug-ins for a few common do-it-yourself hardware schemes, including the Olsen595, Hill320 port controller, a straight 8 output from the parallel port, the Skinner 1024 EPP, and a graphic "LED" sequence checker.

A word to the wise, Comet is a great app, but needs to be used following the instructions in the readme.txt that is installed with it.

Comet is intuitive, as most gui apps are, but it gets a little weird when you don't follow the instructions in an orderly fashion.

Good luck, hope you find Comet as valuable a software package as I do.

By the way, it has a scheduler feature as well!

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It would be really nice if the gui was more robust. If you hit a button in the wrong order, bam!, you get a subscript error, or out of range error, your work is lost, and the program closes. In time, I'm sure I will learn what order to do things in by memory, rather than having to keep the readme file open, and double check before I do anything.... Of course, when my cat pounces on the keyboard, thats another matter entirely.

I did download the source, and its surprisingly easy to follow, since I consider myself a VB newbie, even more so. I really like the fact that the plugins look to be pretty easy to modify for other hardware. Imho, it more than makes up for the issues with the GUI.

If one were to go blue sky wishing, the ability to autogenerate the intervals instead of tapping, combined with an actual waveform display would make it super cool. No doubt a very difficult task, which might take away from its core functionality, but it would be a cool feature non the less.

Congrats on a cool program


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Hello Amuron,

Just wanted to be clear (so that Darryl doesn't think I'm taking any credit for his program). He is the author and primary developer of Comet.

I just happened to start a "wishlist" topic like we had in the old chatroom.

By the way, I was thinking the idea of setting intervals based on intensityof a given frequency (or range offrequencies)would be cool also. I'm sure there's a way to get to the WMP VB object for it. I wonder how difficult it would be to hook it? I'll do some digging on MSDN and see what I can find.

Happy lighting!


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