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I have great neighbors i'm lucky

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It's been a real tough couple of months. It started out eight weeks ago when all of a sudden i had carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands. The wierd thing on 95% of people it gets worse over time I went from nothing wrong to about 50% grip in about a week in both hands. So i talked to the local orthopedic surgeon he did my right hand a week later and the left hand 2 1/2 weeks after that. It help that my wife rents office space from him but he told me that he knew he had to get my hands working so hes kids could see the lights this year. When my neighbors found out about my surgery the first thing they asked was if i need help with anything and the second was your putting your Christmas lights up this year right.i have15 other house ona u shaped street every single one of them in the last week or so have called or visited me to ask if i need help with the lights this year Even the 90 year old couple 2 house down. What a great feeling to know that all your hard work is appreciated.

My 4 year old daughter talked me into Halloween this year. It is very hard to stake down inflatables when your hands are still hurting from surgery. It was well worth it thought to see how hard she worked with me to put it all up. I have five inflatables a bunch of wood cut outs14 flood lights and 2 strobes plus other stuff and my daughter carried every single thing i needed to me out in the yard and thenbrought all the empty boxes back to the garage. We were out there about six hours with no break and not one complaint.

I would also like to thanks Santa's helper. Tom sent some sequences to help me out. Every time we come home after 6 we have to watch the show at least once

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