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Hoodies are Now Available!

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Mine arrived today...and itis a beautiful shade of blue.

Got it a little large so I could wear itover another top. Still deciding if I want tosplit it down the middle and put in a zipper. Maybe after I wear it out a little, it is hard to cut into something new like this.

It is so soft. Really nice and comfy.

Thanks Carrie, you sure got them shipped out fast enough.

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We got ours today. Man they are warm I had to take it off in the house because I was getting to warm. I ordered two; one for me and one for the father in law (Papa-LF), for his birthday. The mother in law tricked him to come over, told him I needed him to look at something in the display. His birthday isnt untill later this month but I had to give it to him early so that I could start wearing mine. I will wear mine proudly!!

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Carrie and Chris, you did a great job with the sweaters. I got mine this afternoon and it looks great. Next year, I need to see about getting one for my 5 yr old grandson, James. He has really been a help and encouragement. Maybe I can get him one that says Junior Lighting Engineer or Apprentice.

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csmith wrote:

Got my red hoodie yeterday. It was barely out of the box before my wife said "That's mine!" She put it on and walked out the door to go ride her horse.

I'm pleased (I think) :?.

Heh heh...sounds like maybe you should have ordered two! :shock:


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Carrie, I got my hoodies today! Just in time to throw a string of lights around my neck and greet my sister and brother-in-law. Like em a lot. The hoodies, that is. Oh, I like my sis and bro, too. They came up from denver to see my animated lights, and first musical sequence. I believe they were impressed with the lights and the hoodies. Merry Christmas!!

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