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A different method or raising strings on a megatree

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I am building a 20 foot megatree and have been a little concerned on how to attach the lights before I raise it. I was planning on tying on all my 96 strands and then raising the pole but have been concerned that the strands are going to get tangled and create a large mess. Also if a string of lights ever went out, it would be pretty much impossible to fix without taking the tree down.

As I was driving today I got an idea and was wondering if anybody tried this method. Right now here is what the top of my megatree looks like.


I will have a total of 96 100ct strands on the tree for a total of 9600 lights. I have 32 eye screws that I planned on attaching 3 strings to each one to hold the 96 strands.

I was thinking that I could put a piece of string (each 40 foot in length) through each of the 32 eye screws and then raise the pole and secure it. I would then tie 3 strings on at a time and then pull the string so the lights rise to the top. After it reached the top I would tie down the string to secure it. Also if I have strands that go out during the season, I should be able to lower just 3 strings at a time and fix the problem.

Anybody use this method before? Is there something I may be missing?

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Nice looking top! To your question... I think the eyelets may be your problem. Or at least contribute to it. I'm assuming that's a wood topper. If it is, you could do like I did. I just drove nails into the top of the topper. Basically a ring of nails all the way around. I did this because last year I used hooks and they wouldn't hold as many strands. And they were hard to hook on. Anyway, after putting the nails in, I put the tree up and guyed it. Then I used zip ties to put "loops" at the female end of a 100 string. Then I used one of those extension poles to loop it over the nail. Then the next and so on. It worked really well for me.

Now, on the other hand. Regarding your string question, I don't see why it wouldn't work. You would have to keep the strings from tangling. And possibly have to pull all 3 (per eyelet) at the same time to keep them from knotting up.(edit:now i reread your post and see that's what you said).It's definately an interesting idea...


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I had that very same concern when designing mine. If a strand went out, I was screwed.

I ended up driving some eyebolts horizontally thru the pole. Ran some heavy duty nylon rope thru the eye and connected a lightweight grappling (sp?) hook to the end of the rope. That allows me to raise/lower a section of lights at a time and the grappling hook allows for quick attach/detach.

I've got 3 hooks. The middle has 9 strands folded in half (18 strings) and the left/right each have 6 strands (12 strings). The middle section is a little clumpy at the top because we did a poor of not spreading out the wires when raising. The outer hooks are much cleaner at the top. The tops of all of the strands are so close that from the road you can't tell the clumped from the clean.

I've got a couple of rope ties mounted at various heights on the pole so I can tie off the rope while installing lights and after raising.

All in all, I think it worked out pretty well. Next year I'll probably add a 4th eye bolt to help clean up some of the clutter.

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