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You know this Christmas light thing has gone too far when...

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John Garrant wrote:

You know this Christmas light thing has gone too far when...

...you get up at 4:00am to go outside in the cold with your laptop, so none of your neighbors or passing traffic will see the changes you just made to a new sequence...


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You know this Christmas light thing has gone too far when...

You listen to the ticking of a clock in the kitchen as you make coffee and think it has a nice steady beat to synchronze music to. And say to your self YAH it would work.

A big christmasy decorated Clock and tick tock to the lights ......

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....when, once your Christmas display sequences are completed, you think about sequencing some Valentine Day love songswith the red and white strands of lights.

PS - don't forget Green and White for St. Patricks day, although drinking songs just don't cordinate all that well!!!

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You know this Christmas light thing has gone too far when...

You wake up in the middle of the night from a car passing by with it's head lights on and the radio blasting that you think your display has just turned on randomly.


You sit at your computer all day browsing a website called.. PlanetChristmas! :shock:

(okay, okay, okay, I know.. stop it will the corny dry humor. ;))

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Okay - I need to get a life. Enjoy!

1. When a chain store calls you to see if you can spare any light strings

2. You download a "new" sequence only to realize you wrote it two years ago

3. You save every little packet of spare bulbs, but always buy new strings anyway.

4. If your passwords are Christmas related

5. You run out to the yard at 3AM because you thought of another thing to add

6. If you home-school and you teach your kid(s) sequencing as part of Art class.

7. If D-Light or LOR calls you for spare parts.

8. If watching Close Encounters brings a nostaligic tear to you eye

9. If you remove all the photos of your kids from your wallet and replace them with pictures of your display

10. If you make $30/hr at work and spend two hours fixing a $2 light string

11. If China has to lay off workers because you spent Christmas away from home

12. You can accurately guesstimate the current draw on all the houses in your neighborhood.

13. You plead with the local store to hold several blow molds until you have room for them.

14. A new city ordinance is written to require drivers to wear sunglasses when driving down your street.

15. D-Light answers the phone with -"What have you dreamed up NOW?"

16. You're thinking about next years show as your putting the lights away.

17. If D-Light sends you a Christmas card

18. If "Mad Russians Christmas" makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

18a. If "Wizards in Winter" makes you want to puke.

19. If you've ever taken an ink-blot test and described them all as various blow-mold figures.

20. You shower the Bride and Groom with mini-bulbs

21. You wire your gas grill ignition to a controller - timed to "Burning Down the House"

21a. You wire all the lights IN your house to a controller!

22. Your power company sends you a Christmas card with twenty stock certificates inside.

23. Your kids rather sit on the curb and watch your light show rather than go to Disneyland.

24. Your display is part of the Superbowl half-time show

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Your son says...he will help you clean outthe gutters on your house but he will not help you put up your lights, as he is not going to help further your addiction.

You begin to think like Wiley Coyote...Super Genius...and come up with all kind of ways to try something out for your display...only to have it fail time and again, but you do not give up. No...not even when the mega tree starts falling on your head and all you can do is hold up a little umbrella trying to fend it off. Then you actually wish there was a Acme company for you to call up and order all kind of neat things from. Like a jet pack, so you can reach the top peak of the house without a bucket truck.

Clark Griswold...you consider him just another Christmas Lightamateur.

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Scottsgrfx wrote:

You know this Christmas light thing has gone too far ...........

Your co-workers and neighbors start asking how it's going on the display, and ask when the lighting is. "Of course all year up to this point they thought I was nuts."

This one really hits home Scott! I listened to it all year. Now it's time to light it up, and they're all fired up to be first in line to see it. I'll certainly give the local PC folks a heads up when the shows run. The rest can figure it out on their own...:laughing:


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John Lomnicki SR wrote:

When you havea LED strap-on light that you put on your hat to work outdoors after the sun goes down and the200 hour battery is dead!

I love mine, and the cats have a blast with chasing the light beam,

and You know this Christmas light thing has gone too far when...

you have a complete strap on LED headlight backup unit on standby, JIC your battery on your production unit goes dead ... LOL

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