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Gingerbread House Life Size

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OH! WOW!! That has to be the coolest display I have ever seen!

Well, okay, next to Mike Z.'s, Osborne lights.... But WOW! I haven't seen anything like what you have done on PC before. Wait until BrideGirl sees what you have!

Where is Windsor, CA? is it in Nor. Cal?

Well, welcome to Planet Christmas, sorry I can't answer your question, other than to give you this link for something else cool and candy related: http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/forum13/9193.html

Merry Christmas!


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Oooo...That is cool...

I have wanted to do a gingerbread house ever since I saw Dan Baldwin's....this take it to the extreme gingerbread level...

I would love to hear how you do it....is your house painted like that?...is this a year round look for you?

There are alot of nice inflatable candy themed items this season...rotating gingerbread houses...huge candycane archways...

Here are some links...


buyinflatablesthe gingerbread house is today's special...look around in there you will find plenty...

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