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Well, heavy Rains and strong winds hit NEPA today and my display was not given any reprieve from it. The Rain came first and softened up the ground first and high winds came after, making my 8 inch ground stakes look like little toothpicks trying to hold up a telephone phone. My Candy Cane Archway is a total loss at this point. The "Happy Holidays" sign was bent in half. Almost all my wireframes fell over. The buck fell, Santa toppled, and the snowman's scarf came off making him look like he just got back from a night of parting. The new Penguin Wireframe I just got is at flat as a pancake. 2 out of my 30 blowmolds fell, so I guess I did that right. The inflatables are now sitting in a nice lake of water too. Not sure if anything was damaged beyond repair except for the Archway and the Happy Holidays sign. Those 2 I think maybe toast. I am also not sure if the lights still work because the GFCI's will trip if I plug anything in so I have to wait until it drys out.

Tonight the display is dark for the first night this season and it may be dark tomorrow night too, if I can get it back into working condition.

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I wanted tonight to be the first night of lights too. Winds are so bad, it is tipping my candy canes and small trees over. Not to mention the [email protected]#N breakers tripping.

I have got to come up with a way to stop the DANG breakers from tripping!


Tomorrow, II will use bigger anchors for the trees, etc. But really, I just can't get over the breakers and GFCI issue.

I refuse to remove the CFGI. Got to figure a way to protect the plugs on the ground. Problem is, I must have close to 100 plugs on the ground.

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I was really worried today myself for my display's safety!:shock:

50+mph gusts and my main concerns were the lights in my pear tree and the 8 foot wireframe canycane arch (these things are hard to make stable anyways!)

Much to my suprise...since I install my things with a strong Indiana winter wind in mind, everything survived with only a few tweaks needed when things settled down this afternoon. YAY!!!

My secret on the candycane wire frames... hefty eyehooks and "bailing wire" at the top attached to the soffit of my porch, and using Gemmy inflateable corkscrew stakes and tethers instead of the cheap straight wire stakes and thin string that came with them. ;)

Without these I am certain they would have toppled...

The lights on the house were all still in place also...the 1 inch brass cuphooks are working well. :)

I hope others damage can be repaired with as little loss as possible! :?

Hang in there!!


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Storms devestaed my display. Lights were blown off the eaves of the house. Blowmolds were toppled over and they have a base a pole and anchors to keep them secure. Wireframes are all knocked over. Took a week off from work to put everything up will have only 1 day to get it all back together. I also did not light.

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