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Hello All,

I only did one project this year since I moved back home. Got this job in late September, so It was a horse race to get it done. These will probaly go on the market next year after we figure out how to brake the pole down for shipping purpose.


The inside has 11 rings with rope light and each ring holds 16 strobes. The star on top is 5 foot tall.


Each string is clear, red and green zip tied together...took a lot of hours to do this.



You are looking at 6 of the LOR controllers. The crank you see is a Harbor freight crank. This one cranked the center rings. It was to slow and will go in the garbage. The main crank you see partially was awesome. It has a bulit in brake...once you stop cranking it holds all the wait...up to 1500 pounds.


On this day (before I had the center rings in) they were having a military chopper fly in a 65' tree. They estimated 130 mph downward winds which would have sent me 70 mph winds. I did not want to do this but glad I did because I always wanted to know how they would go back up. They went back up find. The funny park is they decided they could/would not fly the tree into the city. So it was a false alarm.

In the future if I know a windy night is coming and I don't have any thing on the inside, I know now that I can crank the sail down...lol

Here are two video links. Later I will post more sync. stuff.



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Bill Hoffman wrote:


That is anotheramazing project you have done. What did you use to light up the columns, and do you have any closeup pics of the column lighting? Thanks for sharing, it is a truly beautiful project.


Sorry I missed you question. The lights on the columns was some DMX lighting from another company. Each light has 24 colors.

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