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Gauging support level among neighbors

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This is our first year with synchronized lights, and we have been very worried about neghborhood diplomacy due to traffic and to all the flashing lights. So my wife and I ran out a bought 5 Starbuck's gift cards ($10 each) and made a card for each of the 5 neighbors saying how we appreciate their patience with all the extra traffic. These are the 5 houses that are most impacted by our display.

We personally delivered all but one of them yesterday (one lady is gone for the weekend). This gave us a chance to find out how they feel. The responses were all positive, but varied. The best was from our neighbor directly across the street, who is a Russian immigrant family. They are very proud of what we are doing and apparently host friends quite frequently to watch our display from inside their house.

The other end of the spectrum is the family next door. They thanked us for the gift card (and said it truly wasn't necissary), but also said the whole thing is very nice as long as they don't park in our driveway or get on our lawn. While this has not been an issue yet, I read between the lines that perhaps these are our least enthusiastic supporters (although they say they do enjoy our display).

All the other recipients were somewhere between teh above two examples, but for the most part very encouraging and thankful that we went to the trouble of doing the display this year. I think the gift cards were a good investment just to have this information.

David Brown

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