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  1. Next the blowmolds were brought up and reattached as before. Big Taz had an issue; as the rim at the bottom hole of Big Taz is nowhere near flush with the plywood, it was hard to get both cuphooks in a place where they could both help keep Taz attached, so I rigged up some wire at the rear attached to a side brace to help keep him anchored. I added some sandbags over the bottom part of the frame to help out in strong winds; doubtless more sand will make its way up the ladder tomorrow. I wonder how much sand is REALLY enough? [Yes, that's an airplane that Taz is trying to catch!] I am pretty happy with the results of this project. On the plus side, no holes in my roof OR in my precious 'molds (OK, no NEW holes!), and they are (relatively) safe from theft. The down sides were the two days of labor (just me; no assistants available) and the $100 plus I spent on materials. I'm sure this can be done cheaper, especially if you have some of the materials sitting around, and I'm ESPECIALLY sure this can be done better, but probably not by someone with my limited mechanical skills. I'll be sure to post followups, especially if there are any unforeseen problems. I hope this gives some of y'all ideas to do this better, cheaper, or faster. Good luck!
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