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    quadriplegic but i still kick ***
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    around 50,000 lights and counting... 100% l.e.d. including spotlights/floodlights...96 a.l. channels... and this is my 3rd year with animation-

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  1. one very important thing is make sure people know it goes to music!!! my first year i just used rock speakers and i had one or two people stop a night... the next year i had my sign and radio transmitter and it made a world of difference! but like someone said...be careful what you ask for...this is only my fourth year and the police actually stopped on christmas eve and made me shut down for a half hour to clear out traffic.
  2. we don't have a donation box either....if someone wants they can put it in my mailbox or knock on the door. however i do have sponsors every year and $100 gets their name on my main sign and a song request that i program for them.
  3. i have had the SAME EXACT thing happen...... my cones didn't make it though
  4. I have a 30amp AL lighting controller that has been working fine until tonight. I noticed it wasn't getting power so i checked the ceramic fuses and nothing. I took the channel number plates off and found the 1amp glass quickblow fuse was blown so i replaced it but when i plug it in it just blows instantly!!! what could have happened!? this is such a bummer...please help! joel-
  5. i've had to do this as well....but to clear out traffic. it is pretty funny when the static kicks in-
  6. well i got the lsp to recognize my AL boxes but it's making my 2-4 box mimick the first one...anyone know how to set starting ch. numbers?
  7. i've been using my past AL shows up until last night when i decided to switch to my LSP shows BUT nothing is happening.... i'm using my MB to communicate with my AL boxes and think this is where my problem is... i have my com port configured right under the controller output plugin, but how do i check to see that my computer is finding my MB? Do any of the settings on the MB need to be changed? I tried going into advanced under the configure controller output and an access to com port denied then a cannot access a disposed object. object name "advanced setup form" message pops up. My scheduler works fine but nothing happens outside...any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!! joel 432 352 8585 if anyone has the time-
  8. i start my show fri. and was hoping shimmer was the answer! eldorado...i was noticing on my pre programmed AL shows that the shimmer was more intense or quick at times hopefully lsp adds that feature! this is my first year programming and am trying to use all the effects but sometimes it's hard to picture... Richard H.'s programming is top notch by the way! if i'm using led's how fast do you think i can turn on and off a ch. without it looking bad? 4 to 8 times a second? thanks!
  9. what is your favorite effect to use while programming? AND which effect is it that makes a strobe look? thanks...
  10. i agree 100% i have 30 mr16's and the colors are great...red is a little dim but looks sweet when mixed with the blues the PARs on minionsweb aren't that expensive... around 15 bucks a pop...but they can dim, strobe, and are waterproof. which means no need for a dc board or enclosures...
  11. try mrsixteen.com for 12v or minionsweb.com for screw in regular style bulbs
  12. right around christmas eve is the worst by far..... i enjoy it but the law came last year and made me shut it down until the cars cleared out...
  13. i know it's gettin kind of late to order strobes but i figured i'd post these if anyone was interested... http://elexp.com/sec_a40a.htm i have clear, blue, and green and am very pleased with them...they're waterproof, flash 120x a min., and come with threaded studs on the bottom for very easy mounting-
  14. my phillips are ok... i've only had 2 strands go out in 3 years... but i also live in a warm dry climate
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