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    I am a blow mold freak.
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    Collecting blow molds.
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    Halloween is my favorite holiday, but you would never know it when you see my house at Christmas. I love blow molds and display them for each holiday of the year,but at Christmas I go all out and way overboard.I put out well over 200 decorations for Christmas.
  1. GReat!!!! I went out for breakfast this morning and on the way home,I got a sleigh and deer just like this and a new snowman I didn't have.Someone had them out front with signs that said FREE!!!!!!!
  2. I have more stuff than yard. Did not think my neighbors would like me to decorate their yards. Had to put snowmen and Santas in rows in order to get them all out there.
  3. I am having a hard time getting daylight pictures...lol I tried to get some the other night I had my camera set wrong and it looked like daylight.I am waiting for it to charge I will try to get the rest of them taken tonight.
  4. I am almost finished decorating.A few more light changes and I will be done outside.Here's a few pix.
  5. I also have a candle and a couple of Santa characters if anyone's interested.
  6. I have a few blow molds if anyone wants to make an offer + shipping send me a message. Santa is 16.5" l x 13" w. Angels are not made like the usually blow molds. They have gold wings and blue eyes. Sorry no light cords. They are approx. 18". Thanks Everyone!!
  7. Mine are gold with white windows.
  8. yes i think they are, they are all outside plugs and they all run by the same switch.
  9. I am done with my decorations. Christmas has exploded on my lawn...but, I need help.I am tripping my breaker. Someone told me that they did not think I had them even,I don't know what that means. I have 3 outside plugs and over 150 things running to them.Can someone help me? Do I need to have an even amount of extension cords going to each outlet or do I need to plug half of them into a whole other breaker. Please help!!!
  10. I did the same thing.As I took the Halloween down I replaced it with the Christmas.I got 7 strands of lights and around 120 characters out yesterday.Hopefully I will finish the outside today so I can start on the inside. I have around 100 more and I am running out of yard....look out neighbors you may be decorating this year and not even know it...lol
  11. I got 4 new ones yesterday.I got an empire deer,and empire snowman, and 2 candles.I don't know who makes them,they are red on brown pillars.
  12. Does anyone collect Animated characters? I would love to see some. I have not seen a thread on here about them. I have Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet,Taz, Sylvester,Bugs Bunny, Mickey, and some Halloween ones. :giggle:
  13. I got 3 santa candles at a yard sale they are just a little bigger than those.I paid 10 cents for all 3.
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