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  1. OP, can you provide pictures of your setup? I am actually wanting to do the same thing: use some arches in my driveway. I just don't foresee the PVC alone being enough to sustain the shape (maybe it will). I'm not sure how one could support it without making the driveway useless, unless the PVC really is sturdy enough to hold it's own. I see you used 18" rebar. What was the diameter? Same as the ID of the 3/4" sch40?
  2. That's sweet! I had seen that in someone else's display. Wondered where it came from. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Thanks! I have added/removed various things the past couple weeks trying to get it to look good. Finally think I hit the stopping point (and ran out of my 16 channels, lol) tonight. I must've moved that dang 30' ladder 5 times a day for the past 3 weeks. Front yard, back yard, front yard, back yard... rinse, wash, repeat. But, the effort has paid off. Earlier this week we averaged 6 cars/night. Tonight we had ~15. And, we're out in BFE where no traffic passes unles it's by people who live out here. As word spreads, I'm sure we'll have more. The highlight of the night was when I saw a dad bring his 2 young girls out. He had the interior light on so I was looking out the window like 'what's this guy doing' (neighborhood watch mode!) . Then I saw his 2 daughters in the back seat moving around and watching the lights. I went outside a bit later to fix some garland that had fallen and as they drove out the father honked and yelled "thanks. the kids loved it!". Totally made my night. I'm transmitting over a radio station and getting clear reception up to about 1/2 mile after building a j-pole (which was incredibly simple, though I thought it to be more complicated).
  4. Well, I figured I"d give it a shot and see how it looked. To my surprise, it worked out really well. I used existing net lights on our trees in the flower bed and things turned out well. Here's a short video I shot earlier for the 'Alabama' subsection of this forum. I may do a couple trees in the front yard with the incans. I hate to not use them at all. With the addition of more channels next year, I'm sure I'll find plenty use for them.
  5. Mo' progress! Stop by anytime between 5-9:30pm and tune your radio to 90.5. Good times.
  6. Well, I got all our LEDs up and am now out of them. I have about 7500 LEDs in my display which covers the house and a 12' tree in the front yard. I'd really love to keep adding lights, but I"m not about to go drop coin on LEDs at retail price. I do, however, have thousands of incans I have yet to use this year. I am hesitant to mix them with the LEDs in the display but I'm getting the itch to try. Problem is, I'd really hate to put in all the effort if it won't look good. Initially I did have a set of incan icicile lights in the gutters, but have since replaced them with LED. So, I'm looking for opinions on the subject of mixing the two types in a display. I'm thinking I may be able to make a couple 6' minis in the front yard with them. Our lot is large and it's hard to make it look full. I'm not going for tacky, but I am trying to get more 'wow' factor in the display. I may just need to weather this year's display and pick up some lights on sale after Christmas. Thoughts? FWIW, all the lights I own are multi. Here is a picture of the former setup with incan icicle lights: Here's a picture of the display as it stands with the LED icicle lights:
  7. edit: miscounted some things. i'll have to come back to this later. sorry.
  8. we went live tonight. Lined the roof and it made a world of difference. i'll try to get a photo up. We live out in BFE, but surprisingly have already had 4 people stop by and park out front. Wife and I went to check out a house a few miles up the road and were floored. They stepped it up from last year. Looked amazing. Wish I knew who it was.
  9. Our lights are on, though I'm not completely finished with the setup. I still have a few smaller things to do, such as make the "tune radio to..." sign and put lights on the a-frame of the roof. But, we're about 90% done. After I finish that up, I'll have to start building sequences. So far, I've been rocking 3 I've downloaded from lorsequences.com. That has helped me get the 'vision' for what it could be. But, then again, I may just not get the time to build my own this year with a newborn. If anyone is in the Decatur area, swing by "Napa Valley Way SW" road. We'll be running our wanna-be-show until 10pm every night, weather permitting.
  10. I just put up the 3m tabs again. A trick that helps is to use a heat gun or blow dryer to warm up the tabs and the window you're sticking them to. When you apply the tabs, make sure to put firm pressure on them for 30 seconds (as the instructions state). They won't last you an entire year everywhere, but in some spots they may. I've found that all of the 3m clips we used on the bottom of the windows are still holding strong after a year, but the ones that were at the top fell off easily. Makes sense because the ones at the top were bearing the most weight. The easy solution: you can just re-use the clips themselves and buy replacement tabs. I figure it's $15 well spent each year for a few packs of them. They sell these at lowe's, too.
  11. update... Added LED icicles and removed the incan icicles. Also added lights around the top window. The LEDs are awesome! [ATTACH=CONFIG]40214[/ATTACH]
  12. AT the price I got my LEDs, it was a no brainer. I can deal with half wave. Beyond that, I really just prefer LED to incan. I had thousands of incans and now they will never be used at my house again. As the poster above me said, the LEDs just have that "snap" to them. They just look so awesome, to me. Having said that, if I hadn't gotten a steal on them, there's no way I'd be able to afford the overhaul. Picking them up after Christmas Day is the best way to build up the arsenal. My $.02.
  13. I'm actually using 50 count LEDs, so I'm not sure the current draw would have been that, but yea, the less on a single channel the better. I've gotten a few different animations from lorsequences.com but not found anything 8 channel specific that I can use for the tree. FWIW, here's my house and a picture of the current setup: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/45198-Pics-of-our-lights-%28Decatur%29 So far, I'm really happy with the decision to use 8 channels.
  14. few of mine did the same. it wound up being a loose or a bad light in each one. I guess out of the box, they're not all in the sockets as tightly as they need to be. I replaced a few, and on some others I just pushed them in. Happened on about 6 of the 120 strands I bought.
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