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  1. Build the biggest cross you can and load it with lights and a sign at the bottom that says simply "Thank You"
  2. Hotrod I want to make sure the led retrofit bulbs are nice quality and are bright. with 5 leds. Can you post up a quick picture or a video of what red and green led c9 retro fit bulbs look like on a strand. it is a big decision and want to make the correct one and not feel like I wasted a lot of money.
  3. Picked this up at Garden Ridge here in Texas .
  4. John or Kate can you give me some pointers on how you create. I have a 8 Yo who loves Minecraft and I would love to build a creeper wearing a Santa hat for him. Do you use a projector and a sharpie or paint pen. Also what kind of wood and paint would you recommend ?
  5. Started on my mini trees and I have a few tips to pass along from my tree build. I use a chair to spin the tree on. I use an old office chair but a bar stool could work as well. I also use a belt to hold the tree from falling over. I can quickly put the lights on like this.
  6. making mini trees and north pole lights.
  7. Cowboys fan says it looks awesome only when you are not playing the boys
  8. I really hope the producer can see this and get back to covering some of the wonderful displays in the USA. I liked the show last year but I did not love it like previous years. If anyone can find out if the show will go on that would be awesome. I am really sad to see Bill V & Steel City Christmas will not have a show this year. I really wish they would feature Richard Holdman again as well. They can do a recap of where the displays are now from previous shows and I would love it. I really loved the show about the tacky light tour and all of the people from the Virginia area. Im excited. Santa Bob
  9. Well If you still have mickey and minnie after conf PM me. I am really looking for Goofy and all disney molds also.
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