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    Married for 25 years, I have 1 daughter, 1 son and 2 step daughters. We have 2 dogs and 1 kitten who is a biter. I was born ad raised in Michigan but live in North Carolina.
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    Camping, collecting barbie dolls and hot wheels. Sewing, arts and crafts especially making cards.
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    unemployed (again)
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    A big fat tree with lots of lights and ornaments and home made ornaments. Fireplace mantle is decorated with my collectioo of santa's, and al my card are displayed hanging around the mantle.
  1. I haven't posted my thank you's yet because I belong to 2 other card swaps and they did not put on the card what swap they were from. So I think I have it sorted out. Thank you very much for the great cards and / or photos of your lights they are all great. I appreciate all of them and will send keep your name & address to send to you next year ( if I a financially able to ) Shaun Forslund Kathi Manley Gerald Sundberg Robert Moye Jill Law The Hellers Michael Berchtold Mike Weaver Brandy Hammet Andy McDonald Jason Reph Bob Foster Shawn McCoy Angel Burch Brenda Campbell Lisa
  2. Sarah Bero wants to thank Kathi Manley for the Christmas card.It made her day. Her grammy says thank you too!
  3. What a great idea, to put a special surprise in a card. But I haven't received a card yet.
  4. Thank you. After I signed up for the swap my grand daughter wanted to sign up too. So I wrote and asked if it was okay to do this and it was. So she got a list but we're not sure which one it was, and she got all her cards ready, mailed them out and couldn't wait to get home from school to see if she got any cards. She did get one and was very excited then after the 4th day of not getting any she stopped asking and got really sad about it. I told her just to be patient they'll come. Thank you again. :santasmileyitty:
  5. I don't know what group I'm in since the list has been changed a lot. I started sending my cards from the first list I got. I received a lot of cards in return and will be posting thank you's soon. I belong to 2 other groups from another web site and some people didn't put what site they were from so I might put a name on here that doesn't belong. But I want to thank everyone. Also my grand daughter has a list she sent cards to and so far has only received one card that is from Paulette Lodgson, she says thank you. She is becoming sad thinking she did something wrong. So can you please send h
  6. I got a card from you, thank you so much. I haven't been posting my thank you's because I am having a hard time figuring out how to use this site. I don't even know if this is where I'm supposed to be posting this.:121_reindeer:
  7. your welcome, jsut following a snow storm now :) its great

  8. I don't know if this is where I'm supposed to post my thank you's but here it is. Thank you for the card Shaun. You might not see me on here much but I'm here trying to figure out how to get from here to there. Linda :121_reindeer:
  9. Thank you so much for the christmas card Angel. Linda B.

  10. Thannk you for the card Gerald. Linda B.

  11. Thank you for the christmas card Fireman 5214. Linda

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