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  1. Where did you get it? Who's bob?
  2. Actually I wouldnt mind getting a carp inflatable lol Im being sarcastic
  3. I didn't mean to download and steal it. What I meant was go to bestbuy and buy the actual vista os. It costs between 200 - 600 dollars. I've seen it go for different prices at different stores. And yes I like vista better than windows 7. Still there's nothing better than apple.
  4. I don't get it though. It kind of looks like a scarecrow is trying to climb to the roof. Wouldn't it have made for sense to do that for halloween. So people think it's real? Dang. It's so blatantly obvious that it's fake
  5. I mean yeh it sucks to must have been there seeing this horrific crash. So in a way, I get where you're coming from. Over the summer two young guys died in car crashes in my community. I mean I didn't know them as friends but I knew them from seeing them around. So yeh. And as you said yourself, any loss of life is tragic. But what's important to remember is that we cannot dwell on what happened, life moves on and so we also need to. But look just living life itself is basically one huge risk, made up of many tiny ones. I mean people die in car crashes, plane crashes, in fires, are murdere
  6. I'd honestly be all over that if it was a lot closer, and cheaper
  7. Alright, so the title sums it up. Basically I'm wondering which vendor still has 25 C7 green led light sets, and 50 C3 multi led light sets. I pretty much ran out and I need to do some extensive looking at the stores, so I'm wondering who I can order them from just in case
  8. This is pretty easy actually when you're in firefox. When you're on a page and want to look for certain words, then click on the forward slash button, and a little box will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. After that, type in the word that you are looking for into the box, and thats it. Either way good to hear that it all worked out fine. Sorry about your kidney.
  9. The way I see it - it's an awesome idea. But, to err on the side of caution, I would call them up and ask them. I mean, they must have told someone where they were going and how to reach them. Or maybe they took their cellphones and laptops with them. I know that if I were on vacation and someone did my light display I'd be p***** off. But if that person were to call me up and ask me, well that's a different story. Also, if you are going to decorate their house without getting in touch with the, then don't do anything stupid, such as climbing up on their roof, where something may happe
  10. Fortunately, no not yet anyway. It's probably because I bought most of the items out though
  11. I get you about chrome But I hate everything that google is, other than the actual search engine and google maps. So I'd rather have firefox.
  12. ^^^ Read my post above Do you understand it now? This is what I'm talking about... If I were you, I would download windows vista. As vista happens to be the best os right now. However I wouldn't get rid of 7. I would keep it and run each individual system. For example, for now you would use vista basically most of the time, unless you will need to run 7 in order to use something. Once 7 will be updated, then use it as your primary os.
  13. Unfortunately, computers arent alcahol. So it doesn't relate to time. But the thing is that the major manufacturing companies, whether they build electronics or something else, such as automobiles, they happen to release their products too quickly? Why? During the stages of research, design and initial production, the companies happen to lose money. Look at it this way. Windows decides to release the windows 7 os all of a sudden, yet it's not needed right now. I mean windows vista can stick around for a few more years. Anyway, back to the point. The people who did the research and design, need
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