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    always have put up lights, now wanting to improve the entire look with animation, lights and sounds. Big collector of dept56 Snow Village. My family says I have a LITTLE christmas problem
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    Snow Village,Outdoor decorations,Kayaking
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    A few hundred lights. Cover the entire house and yard. Indoor display Snow Village display that over comes the dining room
  1. Wheres Everyone at in Rhode Island? We need to check each others displays out......Wife unable to work this year so looks like Mr.Christmas for me this year and the FM radio........Have to get my Snow Village put up too....
  2. interested in the gemmy...Please let me know how if the lights work well with the MP3

  3. Must be fortunate...mine still has his nose
  4. sorry was talking about in the planet christmas mag...sorry i knew what i meant to say. long day and way to much cold medicine on board
  5. Very very nice group of pieces. You used my pictures on the November issue on villages. Water is actually pretty easy to make, depending on the size of water scene you wish to make. I suggest getting yourself a foam cutter. Pretty inexpensive at a craft store. Height and depth make the village more Lifelike. I have speakers set beneath my display to provide that "we live here" experience. find a background you like to give the village a setting. I have used lights behind a blue setting, i have also hung rice lights from the ceiling. Sorry starting to ramble. Great find
  6. Here's a link to try http://novatechgadgets.com/gevillage.html
  7. Houston....so far away from Rhode Island.....Need to figure out how to put on an online academy for the DIY. New to this animation sickness and always looking for more information. Good luck with the training Dennis
  8. Hi Linda, I came across a few places. you may be able to record it off the puter with audiovox or your own recorder. here is a link http://www.mobiles24.com/downloads/s/202264-3-unkown-ho_ho_ho_-_merry_christmas just one more. http://ltrem1.tripod.com/xmaswavs.html Hope you enjoy them and let me know if they work for you Dennis
  9. Nice display...live here in charlestown..we have a few great displays down our way too. Have always had a static display. Looking to LOR this year but a little confused and where to go and what to use. Think we need to hold a mini in Rhode Island.

  10. Snow Village Collector here too..Pictures from last years village were in the PC november edition. Here Are a few more of this years village. My family tells me I have a little CHRISTMAS PROBLEM. The only problem I see is that I don't have enough room to do it all
  11. Looks great Tom. snow village collector here. My photos were in the November issue of PC magazine. Have the village set up down to a quick science...NOW THE CHALLENGE OF OUTSIDE.
  12. very nice have been running a static display with FM radio. thinking of adding the cut outs to enhance the entire look
  13. clandel2930

    no posts?

    Nice to see everyone kicking in to the conversation. Charlestown here and we have a few great displays down this way.I KNOW I KNOW TRAVEL ALL THE WAY TO S.CO. LOL LOL. Well I think it would be worth the trip. Dennis
  14. Hey Fellow Christmas "Obsessives" Glad to see people posting in the RI site. Charlestown here, have a static display with FM transmitter putting out some nice music and stories read by my family. Live updates from the NP too. Had and still have Mr.Christmas set up but decided to go back to a static display until I can figure out how to afford the LOR....LOL LOL. There are a few of us the S.CO way that have relatively decent display. Don't know if you read the last issue of PLanetChristmas Mag, but the pictures in the VIllage section were mine. Have focused on the Snow Village display
  15. Hey everyone, lets get little rhode island on the planet christmas map. We could form a caravan and view some great places in a short period of time. Get together and share ideas dennis
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