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    My entire family loves Christmas and everything associated with it. We have started a family business this year to install and take down lights and outdoor decorations. This started because of neighbors and friends always wanting help with their displays...not braggin but we know how to celebrate and decorate!! LOL
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    KC Cheifs football- Jayhawk Basketball and Weather..I am a big weather geek and have been for years....
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    In process!
  1. Great ! We are getting a lot of new people ! Up to 22 now. You going pro? How cool is that ! Come and tell us all about it. The slam site is http://itsmebob.com/SLAM/ and you can email Mira if you havent already done so to register at [email protected]

  2. Hello I Myself and my daughter would like to participate in the SLAM- Jon Powell and Stephanie Hogan from Santa's Light Shop

  3. Thanks so much for taking time to respond- we did the hot glue!! Happy Holidays!! JP
  4. Any ideas how to attach C7 lights to Brick?...we cannot use masonry clips due the depth of the cement between the bricks- it was not scraped good. Also need help with how to attach lights around steel sided windows- without drilling through steel siding.. Any help appreciated... JP
  5. Sounds great! This is my first year allowing my Christmas alter ego to take over!! I am looking forward to your presentation!! Good Luck!
  6. Thanks so much-- I am in Hutchinson.. my name is Jon Powell
  7. Has anyone ever done a 3 mile single strand C9 rooftop display for a downtown...we have been approached by our hometown to replace this- total last minute..we are the "new business" in town- I need to make sure we have our "ducks in a row" any advice appreciated!! Wire size..electrical needs and so on....attaching to cement roof tops...masonry...:santasmileyitty:
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