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    I have always loved christmas, every year when I was little I would pass by a large blow mold nativity display, my life goal was to have one just like it, slowly I am collecting one too, so that I can share also
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    Wrinting Photography Reading
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    own our own business
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    It is growing a work in progress

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  1. Same with my store, they must a bought a lot of Justin Bieber paper.
  2. Shopko is a store chain simular to Target.
  3. That is great, I knew they had sold them in the past, but glad they have them back in stock.
  4. Those animals were originally ment for lawn and garden, they are made of a thicker plastic and do not light, but the standing lamb is one of my favorites.
  5. The cows and pigs that are standing are made by Union, there are usually some on Ebay. There is also a standing sheep.
  6. If they are your deer, what is the history behind them?
  7. Here is mine plugged in, hard to see the candle base.
  8. I am work on a live nativity. I was wondering if anyone knows of recorded music that has both Classical Christmas music and the sounds of the barn animals would make while they are in the stable for the night? I would use this between times when live music is being performed in the chapel.
  9. My Walmart has light cord sets with 2 or 3 bulbs. I just used one purchase last year on a pumpkin stack and it worked perfectly.
  10. I used the green pails, and painted the bases green, they make a great green glow. I will have to make more for next year. Bobby. I attached with two screws, rain hasnt seemed to be a problem. If you were worried about it, spray paint a lid black and attach, #10 lids seem to work for most pails.
  11. So Mel, what are those small designs or decorations?
  12. If you feel brave, do a search there are several threads on how to repaint a mold. A snowman is actually one of the easiest pieces to start with besides a Jack-O-Lantern. Sometimes I leave some of my molds "vintage" on purpose, it shows they were loved and used for years and years.
  13. Mel, I have one if you want to barrow it to photograph. Diane
  14. So I was setting up Halloween, and my 5 of 6 of my larger medium base light kits had failed and were no longer working. Most of these are 1 or 2 years old from the factory. I have some of the C7 light kits that are at least 20 years old and going strong. Has any one else expierenced this? My husband wonders if it is our constant rain... Anyone have any ideas?
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