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  1. This is an old post....This is one of the first decorations I made for my display....Thanks Dan..all you need is a motor on the back, with 4 arms (I used ready rod), the snow balls were some large plastic balls (painted white). I used a windshield wiper motor and a wally.... fun and easy to make...I do not know Dan, but he has several video's with different things he has made, very interesting......
  2. Well, I have my songs for this year: Christmas Vacation, Hockey Night In Canada, Mr. Grinch, Let it snow, Carol of Bells....same ones I used last year....I am just wondering if there are any suggestions for new songs. What is a good Jingle Bells song?, and what are some of the songs you guys/gals are using this year. I am looking for just a couple more, but have run into a brain freeze for some new songs.....what are you doing for 2011. I live on Vancouver Island, Canada so it's not like I live next to you...lol.....suggestions?
  3. Thanks Mark, looks like it would be a short trip from Vancouver Island. Will check with a buddy to see if he is interested....it was our first year with LOR and would be great to get some tips from the Pro's... Wayne
  4. Where in Washington? I have never been to a mini and would be interested to make the trip across the boarder....oh, I love the football team.......
  5. Has anyone used the Whole House FM Transmitter 2.0 that is sold on the LOR web site?
  6. National anthem?.....I did one for Hockey Night in Canada
  7. Been looking alot, they are out there...but was just thinking someone had one handy they could post......the ones I have tried look like a john deer tractor...nothing against john deer...
  8. Well, my wife bought me a mig welder for xmas...so...I am wondering if there are some pictures, or plans, for some wire frame trains.....so I can show her that I just don't watch TSN and drink beer in the garage...if you have some pic's please post them, or if you have a site that has some plans that would be great...thanks.... if not, I will just continue to watch TSN...
  9. Thanks for the reply....I am going to jump to LOR this year, had a Mr. Christmas last couple years, but since I found this site i feel a little better about switching, not much of a computer guy, but have been reading as much as I can and think it will work out....thanks for the info....
  10. thanks for the reply, just figuring things out here and now see some more ppl from Canada. quick question tho, do you know of any of these 'minis' in BC or Alberta.
  11. Deck

    strobe light question

    great, thanks for the help, I think I will try it this year. Nice work with the NP's, they look great, as does the whole display.
  12. Hope this is not a silly question. If you have a string of say, 12 c9 stobes, and turn them on in a show, do they all come on at the same time or do they flash at different times to create that shimmering look?
  13. Thanks, was thinking I need more, big believer of, go big or go home....They will be the main focus for my display. I might just put 5 in a row,that would allow me to put more lights on. I agree about the paint, was thinking about using the spray plastic, spray paint, does that really work? I would only use them for one year as I like to change things up. Thanks for the reply, from Vancouver Island in Canada. It is tough to get a up close look at other displays as there are not too may people using animated lighting.....
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