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  1. If its not to late, I know yesterday was the deadline I'd like to get on the list, jim deleskie 16 Elmbank Sydney, NS Canada B1S1X6 [email protected] deleskie Cheers! -jim
  2. My biggest concern is we get some fair winds here, and this is going to be like a giant sail, I was thinking for quick-setup / tear down, but good point about 1/4 house. -jim
  3. I just finished saying I wasn't going to add any lights this year, this is 4th year and we've grown quite quickly, over 30k LEDS, a CCR mega tree, a CCB mega, etc etc.. so I don't need anything added, but I assume you are all like me and WANT to add all the time. Well growing up, my town had this: And it is probably the reason for my addiction today Last year I started thinking I could recreate it or something similar. Any suggestions, other then to have my head examined by a professional I'm thinking 9 sheets of plywood? Not even a clue on how many lights it would take. Ch
  4. We'll be mailing out from last years list as well. Merry Christmas all! -jim
  5. I like doing the full list too, so rare to get regular mail anymore, and Christmas cards are truly the best type of mail
  6. I'm making a big jump this year in number of channels, had 5 controllers last year, this year will have 16 CCR's, 12CCB's 1 CCP and 6 controllers. I have 4 USB to RS485 controllers but think I'm going to order 2 more, ( forgot about the CCB's), should this be enough or should I 3-4 more total giving me 7-8 networks? Also the show PC is 4-5 years old, dual core AMD but only 3G of ram, should that be enough or should I plan on upgrading it, I don't really have time to test it and then upgrade, my new toys just shipped and I'm in Canada, so I won't see them for a week - 10day, and work has
  7. This will be my 3rd year doing driveway arches.. first yr 3 arches, 3/4in x 25ft of PVC each, 2 end to end super strings of 70ct red/blue/multi's. Arches 1 and 3 tied together. 6 channels total. Last year, added 4th arch, same construction, 1&3 and 2&4 tied together. 7 strings of mulit each made from 3 50ct multi's end to end each on their own channel. 13 channels today. This year switched to 3/4in EMT, much more solid! Had to use a pipe bender to get the arch 1,3, 5 and 2,4,6 tied together. 2 super strings each made of multi and blue, x 3 long, 50ct each. 20Channels tod
  8. I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but sometimes on the internet... I've worked with many lawyers over time, and this one sounds like he needs to go back to school. Also and I say this as a business owner, the threat to sue people who are not breaking the, that have bought your music is a BAD business idea. Judy some free advice, talk to a different lawyer that has no financial intrest in being rewarded from suing people to get their opinion. You may also want to talk to business manager to get their view on this. Just my 2 cents. -jim
  9. I'm having a smilar issue.. in the last 2 year I've bough close to 600 boxes of LED 70ct and 50ct... I've had probably close to 10% failure rare... really not happy
  10. I use super strings and zip tie them every 12-18inches. Turns my 72 strands ( each 2 stings long) into 24 super strings. When I take them down I coil them, and stack them in large plastic garbage bins on wheels.
  11. I have a similar set up, Im including a picture of my top for the pullet system. I use a 4 to 3 in reducer ( PVC) to attach the lights to and the wire for the pulley system
  12. deleskie

    Canada Eh!

    I was all happy another NSian join, then I realized I already know you! Welcome to addiction.... the upside is the only way to deal with it, is with ligths, maybe blow molds and having fun with it
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