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  1. first off amazing job with the skrillex, 2nd, this is the problem with LOR, they need to adress the issue of RGB and file sizes...either that or change the way the program runs because at this point im probably going to need a bigger machine next year too...
  2. you have to go to the bottom of the page after it finishes loading...it does take sometime..
  3. i got an email from jim over at sandevices thats what im going to purchase and he says this "The E682 can control up to a maximum of 16 total strings, or 1,020 total pixels." just to give u something else to think about.
  4. how long did it take to use lsp with the mega tree?
  5. yea ive been trying to wrap my head around nutcracker as it seems to be the cheaper choice than madrix...though it is a little difficult at first ...but it seems to be OK.
  6. just a word on mits leds, ran them on my arches this year and they were the brightest lights ive seen. great quality.
  7. what software would be best to use?
  8. ok so obvious starting planning for next year im going with a 10 foot RGB full LED pixel module (WS 2801 IC) ;DC5V input with 32 strands of 25 nodes each strand. i was thinking of using this controller http://sandevices.com/E681info.html but will need to figure out how to power it, i can use cat5 cable? but how?...can you guys help?
  9. first paypal has a cool feature called bill me later, you can buy anything over 99 $ and finance it over 6+ months (depending on the price ...so thats something to think about when purchasing controllers... 2nd thing do yourself a favor and download the LOR software, play with it, learn it...if you do it now with no pressure you'll have more fun with it...its not really that complicated, just tell the lights to turn on then off at certain times...pretty easy....only when it gets difficult is when you start getting really intricate.
  10. my own opinion doesnt have to be formed, it was formed in the form of the singer/song writer himself singing like that about our troops.. clearly you support him in his decision to disrespect those who serve and die for our country and our freedom so you can claim your 15 seconds of fame on the internet by defending him......good work chief
  11. agree they just take the songs, sequence and use them for 15 seconds of fame.
  12. basically people are saying the gfi's are designed to keep you safe, something is tripping them that is not safe, so by bypassing the gfi's your letting whatever is tripping it get to the house.
  13. doenst he rap about killing our soldiers in his music? least thats how i hear it when i pull the song up on youtube....
  14. haha nice! i like the strobes around the windows...great idea!
  15. yeah +1 on back ups, i have 2 flash drives and google documents holding my back ups, not to mention a laptop and the show desktop pc.....hope you get it fixed.
  16. 2nd amendment = guns... god bless the usa
  17. im done im done im done! fully tested, 3 light strands need repair...so glad now just let it be less than 3 strands for the rest of the season.
  18. living in a new neighborhood this year...neighbors have a quizical look on their faces with me putting up lights...i might be some ahead but the cutting spt1 wire is kicking my butt ....it'll be worth it.
  19. one of my co workers (we work in herndon) just posted this on her facebook...pretty safe to say this has gone viral..good work!
  20. light up their email boxes, go to the news, they're infringing on your religious beliefs, freedom of speech, i wouldnt stand for this....i would take the next few days off of work to get this story as big as possible
  21. yah any time you run anything where people win something, someones going to get upset because they were given a participation trophy in their younger years instead of having the pride that they played. i wouldnt do it for sake of hassle with people i previously mentioned
  22. usps flat rate boxes? u could prob stuff them in the large flat rate boxes, i think the shipping is 11$?
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