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    I am an avid blow mold collector, especially ones made by TPI.
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    All the lights on my house are blue.
  1. I think the wisest comment that was made here was: It is only funny if everyone is laughing. Obviously not everyone is laughing when others make fun of something that they enjoy. To suggest that the person lighten up because they do not like being ridiculed is unnecessary and demeaning. It's simple....Let's all respect each other. BTW..Yes, I do have blow molds in my display but I also have coro, wire frames, animation, thousands of lights and other forms of decorating elements.
  2. I agree Tom. I think there are a lot more closet blow molders than most people think. I say, come out into the light, join us, the water's fine!
  3. I've seen orange carrot noses on ebay during the Christmas season. I'm going to wait until I see one, then I'm going to paint it blue.
  4. Yes, I've bought items from them but you have to be careful. Some of the things that they have are returns or are missing parts, etc. Some just have open boxes. You can find out the condition by reading the detailed description for each item. The items that I bought in the past have been open box items and there has not been anything wrong the items. I guess it is hard for stores to sell something that has been opened and it ends up here...to be sold..at a discount.
  5. I guess you didn't get my subtle hint in the other thread so I'm glad that Buddy asked to see him. lol He looks great Tom. As usual, you did an outstanding job! I agree with Matilda, he does look like he's hitting on her saying "How about coming to my pond to see my Easter eggs?"
  6. There's a website called bargains and buy outs that has metal Heat & Snow Misers. You can even make an offer and usually get items for less than advertised. Here is the link. http://www.bargainsandbuyouts.com/servlet/the-17823/Freeze-Miser-Metal-Christmas/Detail
  7. Nice blow mold Mel. I like the colors on it and the size. I haven't seen that one either.
  8. I knew.. ..I just wanted to give you a chance to brag about him. He definitely is worth bragging about!
  9. I have 2 new in box Union egrets also. They are injection molded just like yours.
  10. I like your new avatar Tom. What mold is that?
  11. Instead of hunting rabbits, I think that Elmer Fred should go after that ground hog!
  12. Happy Birthday Peppers! Hope it's great!
  13. I enjoy seeing everyone's new acquisitions and watching their collections grow but they can and should be combined into one thread or blog. Modifications, repaints, or repairs are a different case though because I think that it is important to be able to search for these things if you want to reference them later. Just my 2 cents..
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