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  1. Can I get in on this??? I think that some blow molds should make their way up North a little bit and come stay with me....Permanently...
  2. I use a wide tip paint pen. There are different types though. The kind that I used is permanent. I made the mistake of using the non-permanent ones and they faded quickly.
  3. Your designs are very nice and they are especially neat and clean looking. What paint did you use and did you use a top coat? Thanks
  4. Most standard light bulbs have tungsten filaments. When the tungsten is heated ( ie lit up) a small amount of tungsten evaporates. The evaporated tungsten condenses on the glass surface and darkens it. Even though the tungsten is in a vacuum in the light bulb a small amount of water vapor can exist in the glass due to the evaporation due to a small of oxygen left in it. Water vapor turns into hydrogen and oxygen at the filament and causes the darkening. The oxygen also attacks the tungsten and continues the cycle of condensation and blackening. When blackening occurs there is light loss or inefficiency of the bulb (it is not giving off the full amount of light) until it is completely useless. So the answer is yes, when you see blackening, the bulb is on its way out. Hope this helps.
  5. I would like a class on coro. Maybe something a little more than just the basics though. Perhaps something along the lines of 3D, synchronized and animated coro. I can dream can't I ?
  6. Congrats Carrie. I remember a little while ago when you first mentioned these. I had never seen them before but was impressed with them. He will make a great addition to your display.
  7. Nice Santa Buddy. I got mine this past Summer for $15 off Craigs List. It is the only thing that I've ever seen in my area for sale so it made it an even more special find. Congrats on your purchase.
  8. Yes, there always seems to be molds in PA. I am so jealous. There aren't any here.
  9. Very nice! I like your funny reindeer with the Santa scene. I also like how you lined the walk with the lollipop blow molds. You did a very unique fix on the penguin. I would keep it that way if it were mine. It sets him apart from the rest. You did a great job filling up the vast area that you have. It would probably take thousands to fill it all. :giggle:
  10. I am interested. I will try to make it if it doesn't interfer with my son's soccer tournaments.
  11. I missed it too! I'm glad that I found it though. That was a very nice Goodwill find. Lucy you! They are first thing that caught my eye and had me wondering what they were and who made them. I really like your choir and angel set up. I like when there are rows of the same blow molds. I think that it makes a bigger statement. I can understand why the ones that you have chosen are your favorites. They are very nice, especially the Santa. He looks in great shape. You have even more snow than we do and I thought that we had a lot. Thanks for sharing your display.
  12. I'll chip in some Upstate NY snow free of charge also. I guess its true what they say...the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence or.....whiter in this case. I can imagine how you feel though. I've lived in the South most of my life, not the deep South but Southern enough where it was about 30/70 chance of getting snow. Everyone around wanted snow desperately. Now that I live up North, I'm used to it but sometimes I still wish for warmer weather.
  13. And those of us who ask for help are beggars. lol So I guess this place is filled with beggars and thieves. What a sorry bunch!
  14. I can relate. It has happened to me many times. My rationalization is... Great minds think alike and I leave it at that.
  15. I really like your display. Everything is laid out nicely but the blow molds in the windows are my favorite. You have a nice collection of blow molds. You sure have a lot that you didn't use too. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Beautiful display Carrie! It's nice to see another PC member crazy about those trumpet angels. I only have 36. lol The other elements of your display are equally impressive. Your choir is outstanding as are your lights and other blow molds. I wish I could see your LOR of the choir and angels in person. I'm sure that I would be even more impressed. Is there any chance you would be willing to keep them up until the Mini Plus? (I ask..... only half kidding) Or maybe give us a tutorial on the synchronization of them?
  17. Very nice display Jim. It is extra special because your daughter and son are carrying on your Christmas/Halloween decorating legacy. You have a great collection of molds. I like your Santa train. I still haven't gotten one of those yet but it will be on my list for next year. The soliders and nutcrackers lining the drive way are a good addition and I noticed that your children were considerate to set them back far enough for snow removal. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Great story. Decorations attached to memories are the most meaningful.
  19. Great display pepper! Everything is so stunning. I especially like your Coke display and your attention to detail right down to including the Coke fabric as a backdrop. Of course...your pepper trees are unique in every way. I think that it makes Christmas more special when you personalize it as you have done. Your custom HO HO HO Santa looks great out there too. I like how you have the large and small Mickey/Minnies together. You probably were going for this look but the smaller ones look like their children. Nice job. I remember reading that you were pondering how to personalize each grandchild's name on the penguins. I couldn't see from the pictures..How did you you end up doing this and where did you put their names? Also..the most enjoyable part about your post was your captions added to the pictures. It helped me to visualize your display better and to point out things that I might have missed. Thanks for taking the extra time to do this and for posting your wonderful display.
  20. Congratualtions Shawn! Your display definitely deserved to win. Bragging rights and $100 are nice compensation for your outstanding work.
  21. Carrie, I'm happy that your friend was able to find a match. People are generous to leave these gifts for the living. My father needs a liver transplant but has been told that since he is 80 years old he will not be placed on the transplant list. I guess there is an age restriction. I wish your friend a speedy recovery.
  22. Very nice display. You have an impressive collection of blow molds. I really like your blow molds in the windows, your bears around the base of your mega tree and the curved lights lining your areas. I wish I had that may soldiers to make an impact like you did. I might "borrow" your blow mold in the window idea. I have large ones that would showcase nicely them like yours. Thanks for sharing.
  23. I just don't understand some people. There is no reason to run down a blow mold, let alone a religious one and to video it make me wonder even more about these people. I hope that the blow mold wasn't stolen. As far as the creepy one...I think that it was just strange and weird. Some people have too much time on their hands.
  24. I really like your riser. Do you have pictures of the back of it? Thanks
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