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  1. I think the wisest comment that was made here was:

    It is only funny if everyone is laughing.

    Obviously not everyone is laughing when others make fun of something that they enjoy. To suggest that the person lighten up because they do not like being ridiculed is unnecessary and demeaning.

    It's simple....Let's all respect each other.

    BTW..Yes, I do have blow molds in my display but I also have coro, wire frames, animation, thousands of lights and other forms of decorating elements.

  2. And then those that won't admit they love them and have them. And they like to give us a hard time. I think their just jealous because we know how to have fun with them!


    I agree Tom. I think there are a lot more closet blow molders than most people think.

    I say, come out into the light, join us, the water's fine!

  3. Yes, I've bought items from them but you have to be careful. Some of the things that they have are returns or are missing parts, etc. Some just have open boxes.

    You can find out the condition by reading the detailed description for each item.

    The items that I bought in the past have been open box items and there has not been anything wrong the items. I guess it is hard for stores to sell something that has been opened and it ends up here...to be sold..at a discount.

  4. Ok Buddy if you insist! LOL


    I guess you didn't get my subtle hint in the other thread so I'm glad that Buddy asked to see him. lol

    He looks great Tom. As usual, you did an outstanding job! I agree with Matilda, he does look like he's hitting on her saying "How about coming to my pond to see my Easter eggs?"

  5. What's the harm? I'm guessing this is a younger person who is very enthusiastic... How about a little mentoring... :D

    That's why I suggested one thread.

    I surely do not want to squash his enthusiasm because it is enjoyable for me but this way anyone who wants to can enjoy reading about new acquisitions and those who do not want to have the option of skipping that thread.

    Just trying to play Solomon. :D

    Doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

  6. I haven't thought about it, but that is true, sometimes all 5 of the recent threads are this way... It would be a cool idea to start a PC blog so we can all follow the continuous blowmold collection progress :D

    I enjoy seeing everyone's new acquisitions and watching their collections grow but they can and should be combined into one thread or blog.

    Modifications, repaints, or repairs are a different case though because I think that it is important to be able to search for these things if you want to reference them later.

    Just my 2 cents..

  7. Almost Paradise is a great place and I can attest that the loft area is freezing. It was cold when I went there in November so I can image how cold it is now.

    But...watch out for those beams. I was so intent at looking at all of the molds that I cracked my head on one. And then I saw twice as many blow molds...lol

  8. I had noo idea these were a wnted mold! Congrats on your new addition! I guess I should start picking them up when I see them, The two I have I got for a buck, it was a slow day at the flea market that day!


    I gotta go to this flea market that you guys are talking about! :cool::cool:

    I've gotten several molds on trips to PA every summer. I still don't understand why there are so many blow molds there.

  9. That's ok I have been called worse, I shall add it to the list... a high and mighty negative big shot know it all. I quit! LOL


    Yeah...and she lumped me into the category too. Just because we put our wires inside the mold (where they belong) Whew..tough room. :D

    I guess we are just 2 know it alls who know nothing. lol

  10. "Sleep!", "Hack up a hair ball!" and "Knock everything off the mantel!" are not, technically, "tricks". ;)

    Good one....She knows those too so I guess I can add those to the list.

    But she really can...

    fetch, sit on command, give her paw, roll over, jump through a hoop, walk on her hind legs, walk backwards on command, open the door using the door handle, and turn on the lights.

  11. 1. I have 35 patents in 26 countries in 4 different disciplines.

    2. My wife holds the patent for the first duplex fiber optic connector and 4 other major patents.

    3. I played football and soccer at Tennessee in college.

    4. I know Anthony Clarke (Yes, Dear), Paul Reubens ( Pee Wee (before the incident), Tiki and Ronde Barber and I knew Jerry Falwell.

    5. My wife knows Gloria Vanderbilt and Rick Horton (Cardinals ex pitcher),

    6. I swam with the Montreal Canadians Hockey Team in an outdoor pool in January.

    7. My daughter is a Mensa member and has been since she was 14.

    8. My 2 sons are on the Olympic Development Soccer Team

    9. I have a vintage Mercedes convertible but rarely drive it.

    10. I have a cat that knows more tricks than most dogs.

  12. Oh my gosh guys....my whole house has been sick all week with that nasty tummy bug going around....it's terrible...

    Everyone who had paid will ship today and tomorrow.

    People waiting on a quote...I'm working on it...

    Sorry for the delays...

    No problem Jen. I hope everyone is feeling better.

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