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  1. This is exactly the kind of discussion and thought I was hoping for. Clearly there is no right or wrong with any of this and we all have personal opinions about which displays or features we like the most to displays that disappoint us. In my mind everybody wins just by playing the game. In regard to this specific display, I have to agree that it is incredible. Clearly a lot of time, effort, and money went into it and undoubtedly it draws smiles and gives warmth to everyone who see it. Personally I would have done it quite a bit differently if I'd had that opportunity but I certainly w
  2. In just a few years it's amazing how the number of music-synchronized, computer-controlled, christmas light displays have exploded! This is both good and bad. While they can bring a lot of joy and happiness, what was novel and interesting is beginning to become ho-hum. There's always the drive to add something new and unusual to try to keep things fresh, like adding animation, video, and rgb features, but it's clear that new and more isn't always better. I am not advocating that we stop all the shows or discourage people from creating new displays, but we need to mature as a "movement" and
  3. Another option for adding color to coro sheets lit from behind that I have used for signs is to buy adhesive sign vinyl sheeting. It's adhesive like contact paper. You cut out the shape you want with a knife or scissors. Most colors are pretty translucent. Many business signs you see lit up are made using this. It's also used to make the lettering your see on on cars, trucks and boats. Lots of colors available and it holds it's color pretty well and you can use sharpies to draw black outlines or designs on it. I have bought some at FedEx Office (Kinko's). They sell it (uncut) by the sq
  4. I regularly go to the FedEx Office (formerly called Kinko's) and use their oversize printer. You put in any size image, tell it how big you want it, and it prints out a black and white image as wide as 36" and as long as you want. It's only 50 cents a square foot!
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