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    I am very artsy and a jack of all trades master of none.
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    NASCAR, NHRA, airbrushing, painting
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    Lighting Specialist
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    My display is very small, but I am looking for ideas to grow and control my display.

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  1. Awesome info dmoore! I am a sponge right now trying to take in all I can from everywhere. I would like to get as much info as I can then put a plan together for 2011. This will give me all year to build and be ready for my first show.
  2. Thanks bud I am cruising around there right now.
  3. I am really leaning strongly to DIY. I can get by the software, the fact of making the statement I built all of my controllers is really cool. I love the forums and think there would be plenty of support to help me through. I have been reading about the Renard SS boards in the 8, 16, 24 channel configuration. Looks like I need to do some research on the Lynx Express's they keep popping up. Thank you guys for your opinions. Rocky
  4. Ok so I have researching and researching. I would like your opinion. Do I buy LOR? Do I build my own Renard SS24's and use Light Show Pro? It appears that the DIY way gets you more bang for your buck, but it also appears the LOR is a very easily intigrated strong system to just grab and go off the shelf.....AWWWWWGG Which way to go? Thanks for time in advance Rocky
  5. These trees look like the ticket for me....One question. How did ya stake them into the ground and do you have pictures of the method? Thanks Rocky
  6. Welcome to the Addiction!! :giggle: It only starts witha thought...then look out your building, and building, and building....WOW There are so many cool ideas and great people on this site to help you get going and point you in the right direction. Just a great family to be apart of. Have fun!!
  7. I think he hired the wrong people to do that display...There are a lot better shows that I have seen from us PC members...just a let down for me I was expecting a lot more.
  8. Thank you all for your input...I just got done downloading the LOR software to start playing with it. Going to take baby steps and see where we go. I do know that after the little display I put up this year with no computer control that I will be making my own extension cords for sure. As for lights from an after Christmas sale...I think we are all in the same boat.....there are just none to be had across the country.
  9. Guys, I am making the move next year to LOR. What is the best to start with from LOR? Is there a good time of the year to buy that's better than another? Looking for advice on making the first step into complete craziness...LOL :giggle: Thanks Rocky
  10. ok here is my fourth lil guy I was workingon last night. I still have some more paint work to do on him, but he should be complete tonight. Then that leaves me the roof top penguin cutout and my tall stack of penguins to go...my wife says I have until Thursday night....Looks like no sleep again for a few days.
  11. Well I was up till 3 am, but well worth it. I have 3 cutouts complete and I have hats for them that I need to add, but they will be in the ground tonight. My fourth guy is almost finished. Check out the next post.
  12. Thank you guys for the compliments... Joe feel free to copy away and you are very correct sleep is overrated...I was up till 3am last night...LOL Here is a shot of the presents installed on the wall with my Spongebob blowup for the kids. I don't have LOR, it's on my list for next year if my wife approves it. :giggle: What I did get for them is a Rocox 3 point chase flasher....so they blink on chasing up the wall to Spngebob 1, 2, 3. So is it wrong that as soon as I put them up I came up with a way to improve the look of them for next year...LOL Cutout update on the next post
  13. Just something that I am sure you have checked, but maybe the zipper is still open from when you deflated last year.
  14. 50% off of nothing really isn't a good deal....LOL :giggle: Everything is cleaned out in Las Vegas too
  15. Thanks for the compliment Bill, They are 12.5 " x 12.5" x 12.5" with a 3" ribbon. The mini's are 3/4" on center. I had to watch the top corner where they 4 lights meet. If you look you'll see I gave a little more space so I could get all four lights in the same space. I will take pictures of them installed on my wall tonight and tomorrow during the day so you can see the total build. Thanks again Rocky
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