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  1. Are these the TPI ornament molds? I bought them today at a local thrift store for $5. Or are they a knock off? Thanks.
  2. Got these today at the Value Village near my work. The pumpkins were $3 each, the light toppers were $0.50 each. I had one these pumpkins a couple of years ago from a town sale. But it didn't survive the trip home. Now I have 2. The light toppers only say "Made in China" on the bottom. I've never seen them before.
  3. I got this lovely TPI mold at Value Village. I was pretty happy when I saw it. I never realized how big it was. I paid $5 for it.
  4. So my nephew and I took a load of stuff to Value Village. When we were leaving I noticed a large trailer full of Christmas stock. As we drove past I spotted the top part of a head belonging to a TPI angel. I slammed on the brakes and pretty much ran inside. I quick asked someone if I could buy something off the trailer. She bluntly says, sorry but no. She then says, but my manager can help you. I tell the manager the same thing. She says the same thing back. But then says, well lets go have a look. So the manager walks up the steps to the trailer and pulls out the angel, then says, ya I can sell it to you, do you want both? Well I run up the steps and was doing an inside happy dance (cause no one wants to see my outside happy dance). Long story shorter, I got them both for $10. A little more than garage sale price. But when it comes to charity thrift stores, I don't mind paying extra.
  5. So my sister-in-law and her husband have helped me yet again. Last week they hit a town sale. They came across this lot of 9 molds. Sellers first says $2 a piece. So I tell them to get the candy canes and little ghost. Next thing I know their texting me that it cost $10. So I said leave 'em. But they got all 9 for $10. Now I'm into quadruplicates on some of them. Thanks.
  6. Bought these 5 yesterday from Kijiji for $20. Hoping for a quick turn around on the cause the last thing I need us another nativity scene. I really only needed the animals. But I just couldn't resist. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Richard. I'll be looking for a can of that. Thanks.
  8. So I contacted this lady tonight. She's selling this TPI set. I got her down to $25. Anyone interested in Mary, Joseph, and shepherd boy? I just recently ordered a shepherd boy. Thanks.
  9. My 3 acquisitions from today, and they're all TPI. Little snowman was at a town sale for $1. Only blowmold in the whole town. Pumpkin post, was at a street sale for $1. While Santa with Dalmatians was a hospital sale for $3. It was a good day.
  10. Thanks Kev and PlasticParadise. I figured I'd have to end up mixing my own. I'll have to play around with some colors. Thanks. (null)
  11. Thanks Rocco Lameo. I have Buttercream. But I'm looking for a more flesh or pinkish colored one too. Thanks.
  12. Ottawa Barry what brand was it? Thanks. (null)
  13. Thanks Richard. I'll look for that one. Thanks.
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