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  1. Are these the TPI ornament molds? I bought them today at a local thrift store for $5. Or are they a knock off? Thanks.
  2. Got these today at the Value Village near my work. The pumpkins were $3 each, the light toppers were $0.50 each. I had one these pumpkins a couple of years ago from a town sale. But it didn't survive the trip home. Now I have 2. The light toppers only say "Made in China" on the bottom. I've never seen them before.
  3. I got this lovely TPI mold at Value Village. I was pretty happy when I saw it. I never realized how big it was. I paid $5 for it.
  4. So my nephew and I took a load of stuff to Value Village. When we were leaving I noticed a large trailer full of Christmas stock. As we drove past I spotted the top part of a head belonging to a TPI angel. I slammed on the brakes and pretty much ran inside. I quick asked someone if I could buy something off the trailer. She bluntly says, sorry but no. She then says, but my manager can help you. I tell the manager the same thing. She says the same thing back. But then says, well lets go have a look. So the manager walks up the steps to the trailer and pulls out the angel, then says, ya I can sell it to you, do you want both? Well I run up the steps and was doing an inside happy dance (cause no one wants to see my outside happy dance). Long story shorter, I got them both for $10. A little more than garage sale price. But when it comes to charity thrift stores, I don't mind paying extra.
  5. So my sister-in-law and her husband have helped me yet again. Last week they hit a town sale. They came across this lot of 9 molds. Sellers first says $2 a piece. So I tell them to get the candy canes and little ghost. Next thing I know their texting me that it cost $10. So I said leave 'em. But they got all 9 for $10. Now I'm into quadruplicates on some of them. Thanks.
  6. Bought these 5 yesterday from Kijiji for $20. Hoping for a quick turn around on the cause the last thing I need us another nativity scene. I really only needed the animals. But I just couldn't resist. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Richard. I'll be looking for a can of that. Thanks.
  8. So I contacted this lady tonight. She's selling this TPI set. I got her down to $25. Anyone interested in Mary, Joseph, and shepherd boy? I just recently ordered a shepherd boy. Thanks.
  9. My 3 acquisitions from today, and they're all TPI. Little snowman was at a town sale for $1. Only blowmold in the whole town. Pumpkin post, was at a street sale for $1. While Santa with Dalmatians was a hospital sale for $3. It was a good day.
  10. Thanks Kev and PlasticParadise. I figured I'd have to end up mixing my own. I'll have to play around with some colors. Thanks. (null)
  11. Thanks Rocco Lameo. I have Buttercream. But I'm looking for a more flesh or pinkish colored one too. Thanks.
  12. Ottawa Barry what brand was it? Thanks. (null)
  13. Thanks Richard. I'll look for that one. Thanks.
  14. Just picked this up from Kijiji. The guy had no clue what it was. He had it in a bag of other Christmas decorations. I asked him if he'd sell me just the blowmold and not the bag of crap. $5 later, and it was all mine. Thanks. Mike
  15. I'm looking at doing my first blowmold restoration. I'm planning on using Krylon paint, because it seems like that is the best paint. My question is which color is everyone using for for flesh color? I've heard Buttercream is popular. But it seems a little too yellow. Any suggestions will be grateful. Thanks. Mike
  16. I got these 3 today at area garage and town sales. I paid $5 each. The snowmen are in mint condition. The TPI Santa & elves is a little scraped up. Thanks. Mike
  17. Here it is. I picked this little unknown blowmold up at an estate sale this morning. The 45 minute drive, the hour plus waiting in minus weather, and the $3 I paid. Was all worth it. If anyone needs any other pics or info, let me know. Thanks.
  18. Well it's a blowmold. I just got back from the sale. It's doesn't have any makers stamp on. I'll post some pictures later. It is plastic, not foam. I pay $3 for it.
  19. I just picked this guy up fro $5. Thanks to Kijiji and my quick response. The lady gave me 30 minutes to get there or she was taking it to the Goodwill. I was there in 5.
  20. Can anyone tell me if this is a blowmold, or is it ceramic? An estate sales person sent me this pic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The sake is this weekend. Thanks.
  21. I just picked these 2 Don Featherstone, Union blowmolds up from Value Village for $5 each. I can hardly wait to set them up next Halloween. (null)
  22. I'm going to be in Flint, MI this weekend, 16th to the 18th. I can ship this snowman from there. I'm asking $10. Thanks. Mike
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