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    Long Island
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    I moved into my first house with my wife in 2007, and since then my display has been growing exponentially each year.
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    New York Mets, Disney
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    Mostly blowmolds and lights, I do not care for the inflatables, but I do have one of Snoopy's doghouse.
  1. I could donate $20 to keep it up for 5 years.
  2. I wonder if that is what FP and I bought. But it is sad.
  3. Last year Father Penguin and I split an order directly from Drainage. They have some interesting molds that are unlike anyone else, the only downside that we both noticed was the paint wasn't that great, some of it started to flake off before we even displayed the molds. However, I am glad to have them in my display, as I do not know anyone else around me (except for FP) who has them. We dealt with a gentleman named Ken Kemp ([email protected]). The shipping was kind of high because they were sent freight.
  4. You can go to your local Home Depot (or similar) and get a lamp socket and some lamp cord, will probably run you about $5 for everything you need. That would triple your investment in the blowmold, but I think it is worth it
  5. I got mine last year on CL for $75 and was thrilled for that. He is perhaps the rarest mold I have in my collection.
  6. Mine were put away on Saturday.
  7. Me too here on Long Island... I figured if I didn't take it down, Sandy would take it down for me.
  8. I have the brown one. Have never seen the orange one. Of course, I got the brown one for $2 at a garage sale last year
  9. I haven't done it yet, but I have been thinking about using PVC Pipe at various levels, and sliding the wire stands into them. By staggering the heights of the PVC pipe, it would give the appearance of takeoff.
  10. A limited number of molds seem to be made by Prime Plastics, with very limited distribution. Although, at the super market by me, they had a whole display of Grand Venture JOLs. Wish they were making reindeer again, I need a few more.
  11. I do like that Sun Hill Skeleton with Tombstone, I have not been lucky enough to come across one yet. I spent a few hours today pulling my Halloween molds out of the rafters and crawl space. Looking forward to displaying my new Drainage pieces that I got this year.
  12. FP, every time my wife complains about my mold collection, I always show her pictures of your display and say, "I could do this!" Hope the twins are doing well.
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