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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Wind-O-Lights' website? I did an Internet search for the neam and got a message saying the domain name is for sale. Are these light frames still available? If so, where can I get them? I bought some last year and would like to get some more. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  2. Well, then, if I can't "shorten" the LED string, could I remove the bulbs to make my own string? If so, how would I do that?
  3. Is it possible to shorten an LED light string and attach another plug so that I can turn a 50 count string into two 25 count strings? If so, do I need to add a resistor or any other component to the new strings? I want to replace the regular bulbs (C7) in my blow mold decorations with a string of LEDs. I've got lots of 50 count LED strings and hate to go out and buy smaller strings if I can just adapt the ones that I have. I'm also thinking of using LEDs in my ceramic buildings instead of the C7 bulbs that came with them. Any suggestions as to how I could go about doing that? T
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