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    married father of 2 little cuties
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    96 channels with 45xxx lights or so
  1. gotcha thanks for the info there was actually 2 soldiers they all work and i paid $10 for all 4 pieces so i figured it was an ok deal
  2. I was looking for a few lor 16 chan boards if any one has a few too many. I live about an hour west of st louis thanks
  3. chris dunlap


    anyone have any idea of what these blowmolds are worth? I have never had blowmolds in my display and bought these today.
  4. chris dunlap


    Mira, What all do you guys do at slam? Just curious have been synching my lights for the last couple years and am always looking for new ideas from people. Chris
  5. I was wondering the best place to buy vampire plugs in bulk? I am in need of a couple hundred.
  6. its for putting rows of lights on a panel that will be attached to my rail on my front porch
  7. Max this is my second year sequencing my display, this year I am using 80 channels up from 32 last year and 30,000 lights or so. I live right off of t hwy. in Foristell Manors subdivision.
  8. Dave what i am looking for is 2 sheets 33 1/2" by 96". And as far as spacing 90 rows across spaced an inch apart and 30 holes up and down with inch spacing.
  9. Hey I recently asked about putting holes in coro and am now wondering if anyone has a way to put multiple holes at once. I have two sheets of coro I am using and each sheet has about 3000 holes in it. So the awl method will take a long time.
  10. MaxI live in Foristell off of t hwy not to far from you.
  11. I was wondering when all my fellow Missourians were planning on starting their show? I cant decide between Thanksgiving or Dec 1
  12. I was watching an old episode of saturday night live and was wondering if anyone knows where to get a christmas song. It was Christmas time is here again, with Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan.
  13. Thanks for all the responses by monday i should be on to the coro projects. So much to do and no extra time.
  14. Who does the techno jingle bells that everyone seems to use? Thanks
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