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    Hi, I'm Julian. I'm a student from New York state, and I spend a lot of my time online. I find decorating for Christmas an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit, and I look forward to it annually.
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    Gardening, growing giant pumpkins, tracking the weather, and browsing the internet.
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    I started out in 2005 with a random string of lights, and my display has grown to a modest, yet satisfactory, 6 or 7 thousand lights. I'm also a fan of inflatable blowups, and I'm always on the lookout for a good deal. My display last year was limited due to a renovation project, but I'm already thinking about the 2010 season!
  1. My Lowes has a huge inventory of "Project Source" lights that are cheaper than the Holiday Living brand. I've never seen them before. Is there any reason not to buy them for the reduced expensve?
  2. It's PVC, but it's the same issue. Thanks for the responses everyone. I can definitely do zip ties, and I'll look into icicle lights this year.
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]39425[/ATTACH] Year after year I try to figure out the best way to hang strings of mini-lights on this fence, so I end up just throwing them up whichever way they'll stay and hope they don't fall. Any thoughts on how I can improve upon this aspect of my display this year?
  4. Those are some great ideas, thank you. I used to know a lot of good sites for buying inflatables, but it seems some of them have closed. Are there any newer stores I should look into?
  5. Alright, sorry about that. A couple recent pictures. [ATTACH=CONFIG]35771[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]35772[/ATTACH]
  6. Hi all... I'm looking for some new ideas for this year's display. I have about 15,000 lights to work with, but since computerized synchronization and whatnot is beyond my current abilities, I usually just string them up on trees and such. Any suggestions for more exciting features and decorations? Thanks!
  7. Looks nice to me. I agree that the house could be a bit more lively, but I don't think any major changes are necessary.
  8. I'm startin' to think about it, but not getting into the "planning" stage yet. It's interesting to consider what could have been done better as I start picking up the pieces.
  9. Any tips on how to keep the inflatables standing up? I know it's kind of late to be tinkering with the display, but I'm tired of trudging through the cold every night to prop 'em back up! Thanks.
  10. This was more funny the first eight times...
  11. None of the blowups from last year seem to work (mostly from tears in the fabric). Any secrets on how to patch up these?
  12. Yeah, I've had a dozen hooked up together without issue.
  13. Actually, we got our first snowfall a couple weeks ago.
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