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  1. Wind-o-lights!! Okay, I knew that there were old posts about this vendor - finally searched in the right forum. The original vendor is retired but his son is still selling the product.
  2. I am trying to remember the name of the vendor that I bought plastic mini light window frames from - each window set came with a string of 50 white lights. They are not Window Wonder and they were less expensive than Window Wonder. Definitely having a senior moment - I have ordered from them twice in the last few years Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks, Kathi
  3. http://nashville.craigslist.org/for/2562300634.html Santa, Snowman, and Elf at mailbox ($30 for all 3)
  4. Paul, That was the reaction that I had I am not familiar with the quality of the lights being offered, but those are definitely not in my budget - perhaps not true for others. Kathi
  5. Chuck, Any chance that you have a pic of the bottom of one of your molds with the brackets attached? It definitely sounds like something I would like to do, but I am having trouble visualizing it. The idea with the stepping stones sounds interesting also, but I think the brackets would be sufficient for my purposes. Thanks, Kathi
  6. Tom, thanks for posting pics of your wondetful creativity!! I will also look for pics of your Easter display Kathi
  7. I think that is a great idea!.. will need to have another party to get it to the front yard for Christmas (I actually think we can pop the roof off carefully with a rubber mallet and the whole thing will then flex/shift enough to get it through.) Thanks for all of the other ideas also... may have to rotate from gingerbread house to Santa's workshop to reindeer barn Kathi
  8. This just seems like a really big blowmold to me I have been looking for one of these on Craigslist for quite a while and finally hit paydirt. I saw it less than an hour after it was posted or I would have missed out again. I have visions of a gingerbread house dancing in my head! The only bad news is that fully assembled it is about 4 inches too wide for carrying through our backyard gate - may have to get creative with a few things in our garage. Kathi
  9. I would definitely attend a mini in Birmingham! And we have certainly had 'ice' AND snow lately around here Interested in any Southeast minis also. Kathi
  10. Welcome - it is sure nice to see another blowmolder in north Alabama! I am really envious - I currently only have 1 reindeer pulling Santa's sled Kathi
  11. I visit their webpages from time to time and dream! Their stuff is amazing and I want one of almost everything Kathi
  12. I'm glad that we didn't come to see you after all - hubby just called me to say that the doctor's office misplaced his test results Friday and that he does have strep. They originally told him it was just inflamed tonsils. He should have been home in bed all weekend - not surprisingly he is feeling pretty crummy today Thanks again for checking out the stock at your Menards. Kathi
  13. This looks simple enough that I could actually make it I actually tried corned beef for the first time this year and I love it. Thanks for posting this! Kathi
  14. Pepper, Your grandchildren are lovely as can be! Thanks for sharing those pics - it is so nice to get to see something like that and also lit up. I have never seen anything like that in person. I did pick up a flatback last year, but it doesn't have a backing attached to it or any lights. Kathi
  15. LOL! The 4th pic - the black tophat and red scarf and yellow broom. I got one just like him from Craigslist in Nashville on the way up to Menards, but the scarf has stars on it - otherwise, I would have bought that one at Menards.
  16. Daryl, Thanks for that heads up - we wanted a quick road trip anyway. I will say that the Menards in Evansville was too close to the malls - the Christmas shopping traffic was brutal! Kathi
  17. I really appreciate that offer, but we did just take off at 6 am yesterday morning and just got back home. I tried to post a couple of times on hubby's Droid, but he doesn't have tapatalk installed so that didn't work out. Anyway, we picked up 8 molds in Nashville and then hit the Menards in Evansville before noon. It was so cool to pull up and finally see their sign after hearing so much about the place on PC! Not much selection of molds left, but hubby scored a leather recliner which just fit in the SUV with the molds. I bought some misc stuff like rope light also. We drove up to the Menards in Princeton (about 35 minutes north) later in the evening and they had about 20 molds left - choir boys and girls, a few angels, a couple of the Santa/Mrs Santa joined pair. some large snowmen and a couple of the stocking Santas, plus a snowman with the scarf and tophat. I was hoping to pick up some reindeer and soldiers so I did not end up buying any molds there, but did find some orange leds to use for Halloween and a few misc things like a revolving tree stand for a friend. I am sure that we will make a trip up that way next year and I would love to come and see your display and get some ideas! The next trip will definitely be planned in advance Yes, Menards is very cool!!!
  18. As many others here can relate to, there is no Menards in Alabama. I've always know that the closest locations for me are in Indiana, but never bothered to actually check any further than that. Apparently (the 'doh!' moment), Evansville Indiana is only 4 hours 15 minutes from Huntsville! Time for a spontaneous road trip - I sure hope that there is something left worth the drive. I was going to run up to Nashville anyway and pick up that 8 piece Craigslist set of molds that is still available (4 lollis, 2 soldiers, 2 snowmen). I'll already be halfway to Evansville and I won't be coming home empty handed! Now, how do I tell hubby that he should stay home so I have more room for molds Visiting Menards for the first time - yay! Kathi
  19. http://nashville.craigslist.org/hsh/2107037131.html Large white nativity (10 pc) http://nashville.craigslist.org/for/2101304034.html (actually Bowling Green, KY)
  20. Ryan, I can see that I need to start visiting Cincinnati often!! Great haul Maybe this is when I should mention that I have close friends who do visit often to see their son's family ... hint hint ... just in case you feel the urge to sell any, please let me know Oops, I just see in your post that I need to PM you! Kathi
  21. Chris, Sorry to hear about your septic problems - hope everything works out and your show is back on soon! Btw, I think that I was in your neck of the woods in early November - we took a detour off of I-65 to eat lunch at Joe's Italian on the way to Gulf Shores. Thank goodness I don't live close by - their food is awesome! Kathi
  22. Phyllis, I am with you... messed around and missed the sign up... I still have my list from last year and you and Bull are on it, so you will be getting a card from me anyway Kathi
  23. I picked up a few at Dollar Tree for $1 each. They are 4 ft long with an on/off switch.
  24. Since this thread started in 2008, I've learned alot about wireframe clips I said that I would never need anywhere near 1000. Ended up with 4500 1/4" and 4500 5/16" by splitting an order with a fellow PCer from http://www.christmaslightclips.com/christmaslightclips.htm - price was $45.95 per 9000 plus shipping. The price is really good, but I probably won't order from them again - they seem more difficult to get on and off the frame to me, YMMV. I would be willing to sell some of my excess if anyone is interested in seeing if they like them. Btw, I have purchased a couple of more frames from Bloomers also since I go by there every time I go to Gulf Shores
  25. Okay, it looks like they tarted up that little candy cane Santa with some lipstick I'm just jealous... nice molds! and it is really handy to have friends who travel with enough room to transport molds!! Kathi
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