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    White Christmas; How the Grinch stole Christmas; Deck the Halls; Santa Clause
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    Alamosa, Colorado
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    Love Christmas, Love Cars-
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    Cars, Basketball, Woodworking etc.
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    System Engineer
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    Got 10 Blow Mold NOEL Candles, 1 40" Candycane, a waving santa and a snowman with broom.
  1. NIce score, I can't find anything near me. I have to drive at least 2 hours and then people want 100$ for a waving santa.....
  2. Maybe he went to one of those auctions where they auction off shipping containers that nobody ever claimed and that is how he came across it
  3. Really nice work. I agree the Santa and Sleigh look so great flying.
  4. Looks great! Nice work! Love how you made little theme groups of things.
  5. Very nice and very clean looking I really like it, thanks for sharing!
  6. This is out display for 2012. We have 10'100 lights this year, 8500 multi color and 1600 white icicle. We also upped our blow mold count to 18.
  7. looks really great. Nice of you to decorate for your family also.
  8. I only have one Santa, but I always think to myself if I would have more than one, I would try to place them, so that you don't really see them all at once. You know so wherever you stand you only see one Santa at any given time.
  9. That looks really great. Can't wait to see some pics when they are all lit up. You did some great work there, congrats!
  10. That is awesome, I remember my neighbors I had in Illinois, god how I loved them. I was 22 just moved into my own rental house and was low income. Had basically no furniture or anything. My neighbor ran around the entire neighborhood collecting furniture and household items for me. There are truly some real angels left in this world and I'm glad you have such great people living next to you! Sadly over here everyone keeps to them selves. I guess that is the Swiss mentality.
  11. Jesus.... that's insane. Reminds me of the light show I saw in Disney Paris this year. Respect!
  12. I correct my previous post, got about 1.5 Inches of wet heavy snow yesterday... Looks nice but I hope it melts again today!!
  13. It's actually snowing here right now... was raining earlier today, but wet all through the weekend also. And nope I'm not done yet neither. It's going to be a damp and cold weekend
  14. Nice vanity plates I wish we hat vanity plates over here, but sadly all we get are numbers
  15. That arch is really great, I would guess that it belonged to a store display at some point.
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