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  1. Last night about had a finger taken off! Speaker tripod got finger caught in it when i smacked it and it closed down I thought it was over all i could say was "THATS MY FINGER!" I reall dunno how i got it out luck i guess Then other night had a string go out and its plugged in and im grab it start thinking great! Well i must be lucky or something b/c i grabbed the broke bulb and then my hand started buzzing then my arm and im standing there trying to figure out if im having heart attack or stroke im starting to panic! Then realize what had happened Im getting shocked It wasnt that much but it was enough to tell ya something just aint right lol Other then that I guess i got away clean this year compared to some of ya and other years
  2. I have four boxes of celebrations brand new in box let me know if interested. I know its not 70 boxes but (null) ??
  3. Last time my electrician came out i asked him and he said "has power company ever done anything?" So i say no and he smirked So basically i think that was a BIG NO! I have heard though that you have to prove that you need the extra power and it has to be mandatory and i dont think christmas lights falls under i need more power. Power company here do anything to get out of doing anything but let that meter shoot off the wall and they be there in two seconds! lol I called once and asked and nobody could give me a answer So who really knows I know some here have them but I have hard enough time for them to come out and mark where the line even is! Good luck hope they will do for free. For what we pay for power they should be kissing our butts and calling it jelly beans!
  4. Are you serious? If your in the car and its in drive but still not moving then its parked? Man thats bitter!
  5. yeap i agree they cant just do something without permission and then bill ya! ???? THATS CRAZY! Now they might say anything to get you to stop the lights so they dont have to be out there everynight lol I know here if any emegency gets called they have to show up even if wrong number They just doing job to keep things from turning into a argument to a domestic violence! Id just go with it but dont say word one! Start talking to them traffic control and they have openings to say heres your bill STAY CLEAAR
  6. Well i dont think its so much people not donating by being mean its just tough times and theres not alot of money Good to hear that people that do have money though and spreading it around and not being stringy
  7. Would like to also add Well i know this might not cheer ya up but look at the good side of this nobody was on puter and nobdy touching lor at the time. it could have been a whole lot worse! Can you even imagine sitting down at puter and getting struck? I have the worse luck EVER!!! but theres always a good side to it It seems like murphy has gotten a lot of us this month. " If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong" or "If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop" Thats my life in a nutshell! If it was my house it would have caught fire and went up like something out of a cartoon! I would consider yourself very lucky I know it sounds bad but still have health right? Lights are not everything
  8. I know the feeling Ok heres the thing here. Lightning is act of god and they wont cover it wont hurt to ask though. I will tell you this We have been hit by lightning ALOT! blew tvs vcr dvd players a/c you NAME IT! So finally got a lightning rod installed and we havent had anymore issues. Im not real sure how it works but it does. Im thinking it atracts the lightning and shoots into the ground In theory i guess im no scientist. I think when the new a/c was installed was when they put the lighning rod in If i remember correctly its just a long bar hammered into the ground. Something to look into best thing we ever did.
  9. Left hammer outside went to get after dark and noticed a string was out and the extension cord was unplugged and pulled 6 ft away from the plug ??? Far as i know nobody has been in the yard to trip over anything like ups or usps they know better bunch of cords so they leave at the side door. Now we have squirrel problems but i didnt think they strong enough to drag a heavy Ga extension cord that far? Everybody out here keeps their dogs under control also i dont think it was animals. Why would someone walk into my yard and unplug one cord? I cant come up with what would have happened except someone did it. Unpluggin one cord doesnt bother me but what bothers me is someone has the balls to walk right up into my yard like they own it. And why would someone go out of their way to do something so stupid???? Thats not even worth the walk over here! What are they 5 years old? Yeap ya got me ruined my WHOLE DAY!
  10. The one i found is aweome! I was tearing all the old wiring out of shop b/c we are redoing everything. Well i had been thru a few of them and didnt feel right about them until the last one. Well there was a wire sticking out (without wirenuts)but the power was off im not stupid and he goes dont touch that wire then i tried to show him by grabbing it LMAO! Man he grabbed my arm pulled me away from it and i was fighting to get to the wire to prove to him that it wasnt hot LMAO He yelled at me too! I thought it was funny its not the first time i been shocked or last time either He said i about gave him a stroke! lol! OH HE WAS SO MAD AT ME! but Long story short He actully gave two farts so ya know dont pick first contractor you find Turns out my older family and his older family ran same circles in school so I guess he had to forgive me then LOL I have worked with alot contractors and i have had them shock you with 220 before b/c they thought it was funny WHICH IT WASNT! But I guess that seperates the idiots that shouldnt have jobs and the people that take their jobs serious. Great electrician hard to come by that can be trusted around here Well great contractor hard to come by PEROID! They watch a show on tv and next thing they know they professionals "But thats what the internet said to do!"
  11. FrostNsnow

    Zip Ties

    Id like to add if you have a northern tool around you They always sendind coupons for 5 dollars off and 20 off 100 dollar purchase i get 1000 4 inch zipties for 3 bucks and the the 1000 5 inch for 7 bucks with coupon cards Its cheaper for me b/c they are just 5 minutes away and i dont have to pay shipping
  12. Heres what i would do is go with as many channels as you want. Where its not so fun is the song quanity your shooting for. And yes stick to shorter songs when songs get to 4 plus minutes You aint going to be smiling anymore. Another thing is your going to hear that song OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So make sure its one that isnt going to put you in the looney bin! When i seq. I must have listened to the same song thousand times! Lets just say i dont like those songs anymore! lol Yeah like i was saying go big as you can channels wise the problems come into play with the song and the length and how many you want. I start with 3 favorites and if you still have anything left in ya then keep on going. Quality over quanity When you finish your first song at 64 channels and your not walking like you have a inner ear infection and feel car sick and sweating bullets. First time i did 100 plus 4 minute song i didnt feel very well at all! One thing to remember this is KEY walk away before you ready for a break When your ready for a break your tired of it and you will put off and put off going back so stop and walk away before you get annoyed with it. Take your time though work sections at a time like mondaay do mini trees all the way across then tuesday megatree all the way across if you wander about you will miss spots. listen to the song a few times before ya start it will come to ya and if it doesnt move on that song aint for you. If ya cant pick up a beat fairly fast you know its gonna be a rough one to do. Theres a lot of songs i wont even touch! lol
  13. I know this isnt what your going to want to hear but you have to stop thinking about it and move forward. Im not saying to forget but if thats all you thought about you wouldnt get anywhere and i know your parents wouldnt want that for you. Listen when my dad died we were in ruins finacial and everything falling apart. If i sat there and stayed depressed we likely be homeless. So i just acted like nothing happened day two like it didnt bother me. It did but i try not think too much about dead family but i do about the family that is still around. Just dont harp on it. I know it sounds bad but.... Quick thought then back to living. Thinking about dead family is depressing and can ruin your day believe me i know. Too much thinking can be bad thing for you but ya know quick thought then go about your biz Thats what i do try not to think about it too much.
  14. Dont be a pushover. Set the tone! Everbody in whole city dont mess with me b/c they think im CrAzY! Thats fine when they start paying my taxes then i will start worring what people think of me. Trust me i aint crazy but far as they think WHO knows! We do put on a good show no matter if its christmas 4th of july or halloween so you dont bite the the hand that feeds ya either. Like i say cant be "Mr nice guy" forever they will run all over ya kids or adults. Some people just hate christmas i dunno why they just have something against it i know a few. Maybe had bad childhood or something but i tell ya if they think your gonna come outside with a double barrel shotgun they think twice before they start slashing things and tearing things up. Im not saying use weapons when it comes to kids b/c kids are stupid and thats that but adults know better. kids are easily run off with a air horn catch em off guard and watch em scramble! or spray em with a hose like you would a cat lol Set the tone!
  15. I use this motto "If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop" or if things seems to be running smooth you have overlooked something I second desoldering iron at radioshack too I use the same one and its plenty effective BUT are the triacs just plug into a socket? Thats the way i remember them So just have to remove the triac then plug back in? EDIT sorry i have soldered so many boards lately i cant keep things straight Everything from lors to audio to light modulators Wish lor did sockets though make things easier
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