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  1. Ok hot water heater moved and electrician comming monday and have cash to put in ANOTHER subpanel for christmas light but when i discuss this with him i dont think he understands im going to run 48 amps all night thats where i think the confusion comes up and frustration with me but here i have one more question if yall have the time.

    First i have been told the main service is 200 amps ok

    Second there is hot water heater dbl 40 stove dbl 60 heat and air dbl 60 and dbl 60 and 60 feeding sub panel to me that seems far too much for that panel if eating,running air and hot water heater running plus what ever else we have running off sub panel. Unless i have no idea what the draw is on these items. I dont think its good idea to add another 60 amp worth of circuits for a christmas sub panel. Question is can i have another sub panel added to what i already have now? That would be pushing the main panel kinda hard i would think...I tried power company but i keep getting put on hold and then phone cuts off....So what can i do?


    Ps im afraid to ask electrician again b/c i talk far too much and fast and change topics so fast i confuse him!

  2. Well hes going to put a disconnect for the water heater and charge 460 with disconnect and rewire sub panel (getting new sub panel and all breakers) with parts and he even fixed all our hazards that we have now! We had far more problems then what you saw in the sub panel....Lose wires ect..craszy stuff..Thanks again everybody! Hes going to be here monday morning at 8 am! FANTASTIC!


  3. Today is going to be one packed day! Roofer,moving hot water heater,and electrician on his way. Ill let you guys know what he said but his prices seem HIGH! Said 189 to change breaker to a 100 amp breaker at main panel and dint say if that was parts or not so i dunno..... Is that reasonable?

  4. Oh one quick question. I have to move the hot watre heater away from the sub panel. The wire isnt long enough to reach to where i want it to be. Can i just put a junction box in and extend the wire or is that a big no no? I need to move it so the electrician can get to the sub panel plus if that water heater started spiting water we would wind up with a whole new set of problems. Thanks in advance


  5. I am getting professional help im calling people again right now. The only thing in the sub panel that is 220 and running is the dryer the other 220 stuff was that base heater that is no longer with us. So i assume all he has to do is pull the breaker and disconnect wires and that will solve that issue? (I hope im going to find out what everything is and on what breaker and label so make life for electrician a lil easier) The dryer is right bottom breaker. The singles all run upstairs lighting and outlets. The dbl 30 on left second one up runs dishwasher and shop power the one below that runs downstairs lighting. I hope that helps any. Going to have elec. guy come out today if he can. I know its a mess but some good will come of this i feel sure and im glad you guys told me about the problems so nothing bad happened before it was noticed. OH one more thing we dont have inspections here or codes thats why things were gotten away with over the years and no i didnt do these things. We not in city limits either so when they built the house 30 years ago they got away with everything. DOnt get me wrong here i want it done right and it will be soon. Thanks for all the help so far atleast when electrician says something now i can compare note and know im not getting screwed


  6. Zinsco is an obsolete breaker but that doesn't seem like it sounds like what you are saying he said. Could he have been saying "old Eaton"?

    That has to be what he was saying i looked online for hours trying to find something that sounded close and that the best bet so far. And looked up and it looks similar in shape. Are those obsolete or can still be had or do i have to find one on a shelf with two inches of dust on it lol. I hope they still make them or can be had. I hate to have new main panel put in when there is really nothing wrong there. Oh well i guess you have to do what ya have to do...


  7. max i agree with you use a purple wire with white stripes just make sure its hooked the same at the other end. Now i have seen some of the craziest things wired and rigged in a car and watch wires go from red to the fruitiest colors and its a pain in the butt! I think those with the white are 220 though....Dryer and old base heaters that i ripped out years ago(we had a flood downstaors and that was not pretty ankle deep water etc.....) leak fixed though so....yeah this is a nightmare from the get go i know but i need this all fixed! HELLLLLLLPPPP MEEEE!!!!

    What im asking now is help me put together a list of things i need to say to electrician b/c I KNOW! for a fact a lot of you guys do this for a living or are very sharp at what not to do so i dont go into this blind. Please! :)

    OH and at the main there was two wire cut off and lose. I think its just wires from the space pack years ago but like i said i dunno i watched that fella look around in there and what he said but i cant be sure whats going on. I know there was a space pack years ago and wires might of got left behind etc that have no power but dangling wires in there makes me nervous. Well i will end here and let yall talk and tell me what i need to have fixed.


  8. LOL yeah im from the north so when i moved down here i had a hard time understanding southern talk. One i turns into 3 or 4 and "a" sounded like "ers" But it was tough for them to understand me too. I heard "whats a matter boy you speaking Chinese?" ALL THE TIME! No offense to anyone in the north or the south im just saying it was a learning curve for me and i still have problems understanding deep southern talk. I just smile and nod and hope i didnt agree with something bad lol Should of seen me first day in school in south. I HAD NO IDEA!!! what was being said...!!!!CONFUSED!!!! :)


  9. Ok first of all my hearing is HORRIBLE!! So i hope you guys that know get a huge laugh out of this! :) Ok called and asked if he found the breaker and he said not yet. So i said hold off for a few b/c im getting other opinions. Ok funny part i asked what the break was and i cant hear anything! But what i can do is tell ya what it sounded like. I didnt have the guts to ask him to repeat it for the 16th time so i gave up. It did sound something like oreckan ahreckan or oragan anything?Sounded like he said orecken I DUNNO! :) is there a breaker out there that sounds remotely close to that? That is out of biz? Im sorry i just cant hear anything (loud music)


  10. Ok I suppose that picture was the sub panel?

    From that picture you had 3, 220VAC circuits using the white wire as one of the hots. The white wire at both the CB box and out at where ever it goes should have the white wire "Discolored" with some black tape around the wire near were it is stripped back. I wonder if you had an outlet where you broke the tab between the two hot screws and then one half of the duplex is side A and the other side was B. and then had the netural lead come loose and floated above netural/ground. Then if you had a large load on the other outlet. That would cause the side of the outlet with the lights to rise up closer to 220VAC and the side with the large load would have dropped down closer to 0VAC.

    Would like to hear just what it was.. Glad you are getting your electrical system cleaned up. Yours was a potental electrical fire waiting to happen.

    Im pretty sure you are dead on here. Yes there is a mystery outlet makes no sense considering its the only outlet on that circuit He checked my wiring on that circuit that was burning out lights and its showing 220 for god knows why!??? (I still dont get what happened but it did) then it went to zero. I really dont know whats going on but sounds like you do.


  11. Oh i forgot i was talking to my neighbor yesterday and he knows electrician that lives on my street very well. So he is going to give him a call for me and will come up and take a look. I dunno how he knows this guy i think my neighbor knows EVERYBODY!! out here lol

    Neighbor even said he would do for free b/c neighbors but i dont play that game. You do good work you deserve good pay :) Well we see what this guy says and if story matches up with first guy then i guess things are ok if not then you guys are right trusting just anybody. I hate getting took but when someone says something i have to believe it if i dont know if its right or wrong ya know?


  12. The other breakers at the main box were the ones that he said went out of business but i dunno maybe your right. The sub panel ones he said he had those on the truck. Well if 90 sounds steep then maybe i should shop around then. What hourly charge sounds reasonable? I just hate having to go through all this all over again with another electrician...This guy seemed to know exactly what i wanted and not say WHAT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! You know some people just dont get it...

    I guess it shouldnt take 4-5 hours heres what he said he replace breaker at main panel to 80 or 100(the one that went out of biz)

    put 4 20 amp circuits in subpanel and terminate b/c im running wire.

    Is that even a logical solution or is this guy blowing smoke up my butt? If yall say to call around then i will


  13. Thanks guys i had a guy come out today and solve the problems i have and what i can use at this point. Went around and check everything and had A LOT of problems but he can fix so far. CHarges 90 a hour says 4 hours worth a work. He hasnt seen the sub panel yet so im guessing more money but he knew exactly what i want and need and everything! So im excited! I know he said its going to cost about 4-500 total but with what you guys are saying i know its going to be more maybe A LOT MORE depending on if he can get breakers. He said that company is out of biz so.....It might get CRAZY!!! But i trust the guy and knew exactly where my problems stemmed from and what i need ect... I asked him how much to check things out i know how electricians are and he said im not charging YET! and only charge a 20 dollar service call! He a sharp guy and know what should of been done right the first time! Nice to know someone that can fix the problems and NO you dont want to know the problems at the main service! HOLY MOLY!!!!

    Thanks again guys for all the help!

    Long time lurker...going to be long time poster


  14. Mike if you have spare space for breakers you should be able to run the wire, mount the boxes, and just have the electrician do the terminating. The price should be very reasonable,It I were you, i'd would call around locally and get some estimates.

    The rates will depend upon where you live. Try to make friends with one and you may get the work done for free:p

    Thanks yeah i called and quote for breakers plus work was 90 bucks seems within reason to me :)

    BUT i took sub panel cover off and took a look inside and its is a DISASTER ZONE!!! Looks like piggy backing and some ground wraped around a wire here and there its UGLY!(not that bar thing and theres not one in there) I will get pictures and show you guys if you want to see how bad. The grounding/neutral bar is a mess and only has two screws left open. Can another bar be added? There is enough room on the right side for one i would think. Is this a safe method?


  15. OK im no master electrician but i can understand and do the minor things but i have some questions and thoughts if you have the time.

    Ok right now i have 15 amps to work with. One circuit last year farted out... i had two circuits but something went horrible wrong and smoked all my lights on that circuit etc...Long story short i dunno what happened but it did.

    Now i have been thinking for sometime to have a new sub panel put in but that doesnt seem like i can afford it right now and i had a "electrician" Say to run new main feed and sub panel for 200 bucks well thats where i drew the line i know it cost more then that and i do not want shoty work and my house to burn down so i avoided that situation.

    And i need plenty more power no doubt about it for this year i was wondering a few things that could be done to get me at 30 amps at least. So here goes

    At the service that feeds the sub panel its a double 60 so 60 amps is the tops right?

    Ok i have gone through the house with everything on and it comes up right at 20amps(not everything is going to be running at once either im just playing worst case)

    So that leaves me with 40 amps right? and 80 percent of that is 32 amps and if nothing else is running in house i would guess a solid 40 amps if i am careful

    Now my question and budget is.... Looking for a cost effective way this year just dont have thousands to shell out right now.

    To have two 20 amp breakers in sub panel installed and the wire runs wouldnt even be 6 feet from the panel. Curious of the thoughts on this? And yes i have room in panel for breakers and no im not going to install breakers i will get a pro. Curious of what they charge to install two breakers also if i run wire and everything all they have to do is reach in and and hook up wire



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