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  1. I beleive they can only file fines when its like trailer trash scene and have a steel in the front yard !lol! which i doubt your is. When they play that noise ordinace and light polution crap the judge will most likely laugh at it theres state laws that say cut off by 10 pm thats the law here and no one and i mean no one has any say so until you go past time. Its a waste of time really. Tell them to tell grandma to close her curtains and close her eye lids and shut it! lol People complain about nothing! remember that guy that was a war hero few years ago and they got in a stink about him flying a american flag. I feel sure you remember the story. That dude clawed through hell and he was a war hero. Theres always someone looking to cause chaos and mayhem on purpose and they never win b/c hes flying flag right now :) Find out the STATE LAWS and see them tuck there tails. Last time i check HOA doesnt run the state. Id just call non emergency number for black and white and see what they say and your likely gonna hear laughing in the back ground...hey they enforce em :) And YOUR TAXES PAY THEM! :) I say get friendly with locals law enforcement hehehehhehehehe! Hoa does not superceed state or feds no matter what they think HAHHAHAHHAH!

  2. Can you tell me how you deal with your HOA in reguards to your display. We bought our house last year and didn't do much for Christmas but I get the feeling our HOA board has nothing better to do than nit pick. So I re-read our CC&R's and there is nothing on holiday decorations. Just to be sure I e-mailed the property management and asked what type of time restictions are for displaying decorations. I recieved an e-mail that said there is nothing in them, but the board is going to review it now, but it seems that they are saying you can put them up the day after Thanksgiving with having to be taken down by Jan 15th. Also she pointed out the board can modify it because in every HOA it states a NUISANCE in general terms yikes!Thanks.

    Let me ask ya a few questions? You pay taxes like everybody else? You have to put up with power walkers getting in your way while driving? How about dog terds in your yard? I would cause the biggest stick possible! I dont live in HOA b/c they know better to try and pull that with me. What do you think the HOA is for? Just some way to cause drama. If i lived in hoa i would start putting lights up now. First off i take orders from nobody! Second its your property just smile and ignore em. What are they gonna do? What gives them any right to make "your rules?" If your paying taxes, own the house,and take care of everything i would DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Them to open their mouth! Hey thats how i roll im not a butthead but i aint taking no crap from some hoa that thinks they are running the show. I say KICK @#$ and take no names. Its your house brother do what you want when you want to. Oh and get a sign that says tresspasers will be shot! and see who rings your door bell! I say STRING LIGHTS UP NOW! :)

  3. I am thinking just a couple C-9's. I am not sure how well CFL's will work in WI and with LOR. 9 of my globes will only be 6" and 2 will be 10". I am not sure how many lights I can get in the 6" without melting the globes. Maybe I could use LED bulbs.

    How abbout a led flood light? They come in sorts of colors i dont think it would fit in the globe but put it right at the hole and well might work. Another thought is to just stuff as many leds in there as possible i think that the lights pushed on the glass might give a good effect. You can always test with incans im sure you have plenty of those laying around :)

    Edit I can tell you this though i tried to light my sign with one c7 bulb and that just did not cut it and i tried a few strings of incas and that just didnt cut it either...looked funny. I now cfls wont dim. I have lor here and lamp want me to play with it and see how it does? I have nothing better to do

  4. I have used Styrofoam balls with a couple hundred lights wrapped around them for a few of my tree toppers. I am now wanting to switch to poly globes. I eventually want to have different colors in them. I know a lot of people use them on top of PVC to make candy cane poles. I am thinking a couple C-9's. Will that be enough light?

    Well are you talking just 2 bulbs or a couple strings? I would be worried about strings melting together saw that once on mythbusters if your talking cramming a couple strings in there. Heres what i did for the blowmolds i used CFL's I have never seen a blowmold that bright before and they dont get hot and you can get them in colors plus they are cheaper. They get pretty bright!

  5. Make sense no but you cant argue math so... and i never used 11 amps worth before mabe 2-3 tops. Just have to remember that formula. So they are going to need like 4-6 batteries and isolaters? Thats gonna be a hog! and for wire anything over 1000watts we always used 2ga or 0ga depending on the length of the run.

  6. Yeah those cig lighter ones suck. Look into stinger products. Ebay is a good start price wise. If the power inverter is supplying at 120v why would it be at 110 amps? You divided by 12 i was wondering why not 120? Im just asking not calling you out.

  7. I'm at work and doing a last minute planning of a lighting my boat for a christmas in july parade Saturday evening. I'm figuring to pull about 11 amps of ac power, using an inverter running off the trolling motor batteries. My problem is I don't know how much amperage that is in dc current, and when I google for an answer all I'm getting is conversion to watts. Is there no easy way to figure out how many amps I'm going to be drawing on my trolling motor battery? I'm just looking for a ballpark figures so that I can decide whether to run two batteries and two inverters or if I can just use 1.

    Someone correct me if im wrong here but i think i saw a formula for this once and its. For DC watts/12vdc = amps and same for AC watts/120 = amps. And remember inverters are not 100 percent effecient. Found that out a few years ago the HARD way. So dont push it to its limits.

  8. I'm building my first set of mini trees for this season. Every year a get enough wind to knock things over. I do not want the wind tossing my minis around so I'm going to stake them down. What does everyone use for stakes? Do you make your own stake or is there something off the shelf that is economical?

    Pvc is cheap and works wonders! Actually anthing you can drive into the ground and zip tie to is a winner rebar,pvc,1x2's whatever works for ya :)

  9. I have done the tall trees and the shorter trees. Larger trees with more lights and less and same for the smaller trees. What ever you want to do is the right way. It has nothin to do with what anybody else says. Im sure what ever you decide to do everybody will enjoy it. Took me a while to understand things like this and you cant please everybody just do your thing they will enjoy what ever you do :) Look you notice these kinds of things like the rest of us but anybody else would say HEY LOOK AT THAT! Your over thinking it. Its a persian flaw...There on PURPOSE just to show that nobody is perfect :)

  10. We were thinking of having a garage sale but i dont like people riffeling through my junk so...Heres a list of things we are selling that i can remember....I will get pictures tommorow.

    Two 5 disc teac cd players...no remotes

    motor cycle helmet...Its old school stuff nothin fancy its black and might be good or kids riding go-cart or something like that fits a big head though hahha

    cerwin vega 154 15inch sub

    jbl g100 center channel

    a round globe that most put on a north pole but its glass though

    a buffer for the car that got used once its not a miracle worker but it works.

    two hess trucks NIB from the 88-89 firetruck ad i think he other is the race car one i have to check.

    skil belt sander missing the bag

    one of those tools to install pergo

    smiths knife sharpener

    led grow light...Not enough testing to tell if it worked great for seedling or not but they did grow so....

    I dont know what price to put on anything so make a offer and i would be more then happy to haggle. Im just looking to get rid of some stuff im tired of tripping over and if someone else could use it well...Buyer pays shipping but its your choice usps or ups. usps is cheaper but what ever ya want is ok with me. Look i aint in it to make money i want this stuff GONE! Theres more stuff too so i post next few days after i get more things together and dont feel like your offer is too low i bet it wont be.....Im just worried about shipping prices. Well im out catch yall later

  11. Will setting it at 80 percent draw less amps? Would you be able to tell from your eyes that is 80 percent? and how do i change seq to that after i already did it? I tried but it goes to 50 percent i dunno why ??? If i can save power and money and you cant tell the difference i want to go 80 percent maybe 90 who knows but little help here...Please

    Ok i just figured out how to change ... now about the amp draw?

  12. busted

    Im not either. I have 3 that i been using since the 80's santa two laterns that go on each side and thats it! I really dont see the point in havng a massive amount of them unless you can make them into a scene. No offense to anyone that is addicted to them but seeing that one filled with back in th day "flash crackers" (which are no longer legal THANKS CPSC! Would be awesome!

  13. Hello the Bull here!, i was working on my core drill on top of the Cresent Mine Hill side and found the hard way my Thyroid is very low lets all pray for my health and get me back to work soon possible


    Well i dunno what a core drill is or a cresent mine hill side but GET WELL SOON! Curious have you had a serious infection or on some strong meds? Ive heard that can cause that. Is it going to be something you have to monitor your whole life or just temp? Well hope your health gets back on track here soon! Oh and dont stress out ive noticed that people that stress out get ill geez i never had the flu maybe its b/c i dont worry. Ancient man always say weeeeewaaaaaax :)

  14. Robots are loading trucks, at the large brewery in my area dock workers have been replaced by automated forklifts. The system requires little maintenance and is run by a single operator. The automated lifts outperform thier union counterparts by cutting load times by more than half. and even though the system is expensive it is still cheaper than 30+ employees with salary and healthcare. Also there have been not lost time accidents since the system took over in 2002

    You have to be joking? Now thats scary

  15. I was watching tv the other day and they were showing off the volks wagon plant ALL RUN BY ROBOTS! Hardly any people in there doing anything. Then i started thinking they dont even need people to do jobs anymore unless its construction type work b/c you just cant program per job but home owners do there own work and fix cars etc nowadays and i dont blame them. If it does come to everything run by robots what are people going to do? We are be phased out little bit at a time. I mean what are people going to do? Not everybody can be a brain surgeon. I dont even know why schools are still running everyhouse has a computer and 8 teachers could teach whole school from home. Loading trucks i could see robots doing that. So what is it going to come down too a whole lot of built homes that nobody can afford b/c thats where i see it going. Robots dont complain and they can run 24-7. Hell theres cars that park for you now!!!!! What happened to driving???!!!! I dunno.....

  16. The thing about a servo is that it is a motor that can position. A servo knows 2 things where it is and where it wants to be. The 5k thingy you are looking at is a potentiometer it is used to provide feedback so that the servo knows what position the shaft is in. What I like to use servos for are when I need whatever I am going to be animating if it has to stop and different position ie: making a talking figure, you don’t want the mouth to open the same amount every time some words you want the mouth open fully and other words just a little or any place in between. That is some you can easily do with a servo. If I had an arm I just wanted to go up and down or side to side and that is all it was going to do over and over then I would use a gear motor with a cam on it. But if I had different routines and sometimes the arm only have a go halfway up and stay in the position for a while then back down for something like this I would use a servo. The servo allows you to program what you want to do and also control the speed. Not to confus matters more a stepper motor could also be used when you are looking to control how far the motor travels and can be controlled as to how fast and direction.

    I hope I was able to explain this clear. I tried to keep it short as it can get a lot more involved. There is a lot of info on the web on how servos work that I am sure will explain it a lot better then I can.

    Yeah i hear ya i use servos all the time thats why i want to use a servo,But turning a wiper motor into a servo is beyond me. And it would be more cost effective with a hbridge and a 22 dollar wiper motor then vs 600 bucks for a SSPS105. Stepper motors will just confuse me more i tried to get them in the past and well.....I need it to act like a servo so it will move back and forth. The reel is going to be attached to the wiper bolt and turn one way it lowers line other way it raises the line. But How do i do that pot thing? and where does the servo come in? This isnt cut and dry stuff and im still confused im no electronics wizard and im sorry but im just not understanding this. Controlling servos with boards, making linkage, etc...Thats the easy part but this boggles me... I must be missing something i hear theres easier ways from you guys but i dont see that working but im my mind i see this as the easiest. I just need someone to say Hook it up like this but theres no info...

  17. This is what im after


    Without the remote thinking of controlling it with ssc32 servo board b/c i have a few laying around somewhere or the servo dog i have been wanting to grab so this would be a good excuse. Now how do i do that with a h bridge? Going to use the h-bridge from lynxmotion. I look at the wiring diagram but what that 5k do hickey? and why do people always add a servo to the setup? See im lost here....

  18. OK... a few things wrong here...

    Your measuring DC amps @12v... That doesn't = AC Amps @ 120v

    To get that measurement, you would have to put your meter in line on the AC side to see the true draw...

    And yes, these strings do draw about as much as you stated @12vdc

    Just a question, I take it these aren't pixels, but just RGB strings

    I thought a amp was a amp?

    Could it be the power supply?

  19. What were you thinking? Beer should always be cold and frosty. Never heated!!!!!!

    I tell ya when our fridge went out few years ago i got real used to drinking it warm. I never put beer in fridge anymore and we have new fridge didnt take us long to get one either maybe two weeks delivered. I have a case that has been sitting out for 4 days now and i have been drinking on it. Its doesnt cross my eyes none :)

  20. 12 pack! I bet that was a huge mess! Well i have left beer in hot car and nothing happened. Maybe just lucky :) Oh i hear yaa on the dog i know when mine has done something wrong too he hangs his head low and wont even look ya in the face thats when i know i better start looking around for something he did. lol Mine is a nut he wont even jump a extension cord anything at all in his path he will find a new route!

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