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  1. Here we go again i have been staining the door and the stairs and i was thinking of just painting the risers but then i thought i have plenty of tile that i did the landing with. What do you guys think about putting tile for the risers? It would be different thats for sure. and the color goes together. Might be a lil tricky getting to it but i bet it would be worth it. Anybody ever did this have regrets? like it? anything?

    EDIT me and my big mouth now i get to fix the cabinet and re stain all of them! I need to learn to keep my mouth shut! lol

  2. For anybody that says soda cans cant explode in your car on a hot day...Well im here to tell ya it CAN HAPPEN! and it did and it made a mess! So if your considering of leaving a closed can in car DONT! you will come back to a mess! Happened yesterday to us ginger ale EVERYWHERE! Maybe its just some drinks that do it who knows so dont test this theory unless you like to clean lol

  3. When i was a kid we used to drive must of been 1 hour to see this one house at christmas. It must of been 3 or 4 stories high but he had a giant santa that went up and down the chimney (I think it was blowmold material if i remeber it was long time ago but it was one of those half things). Heres what i was thinking was use a wiper motor attach a reel and put the santa on a cord and track and use servo software to set the timmings and have the reel spool up and down. So i need to know how to turn the wipermotor into a servo i know it can be done i have seen it done before but i dunno how...I want to use the wiper motor b/c of cost and it can stand up to the elements. Any thoughts?

  4. I just received 108 100CT M5 LED 's from Magic In The Sky that I bought during the presale.

    I will sell them for exactly what I have in them which is cost plus my own shipping charges to get them to me.

    I have the following LED's:

    36 Pure Winter White Mini Ice M5 Light Set 100 LED =

    24 Blitzen Blue Mini Ice M5 Light Set 100 LED =

    24 Grinch Green Mini Ice M5 Light Set 100 LED = - Out of Stock so you can't even get them this year.

    24 Rudolph Red Mini Ice M5 Light Set 100 LED =

    I will sell the entire 108 set lot for $1,650.00 plus shipping.



    [email protected]

    Not trying to start a stink but if your the same Tim_l from other forums last month you have higher prices placed. I just mean might wanna update that before someone says "If i came here i could of gotten em cheaper!??" Ya know just a thought to avoid drama. I oly say that b/c if you divide 100 by 1650 the numbers dont seem to add up from other forums im not very great at math but ...Just trying to get ya more customers :)

  5. I have used the beat wizard several times. I am having an issue with one song where it will not initiate. What is causing that?

    Did a window pop up and say some crap? I had the same problem a few times i must of open and closed 15 times then gave up and restarted computer and it didnt happen again. I dunno what was wrong on my end maybe fullmoon who knows...Try closing all programs except for lor after a reboot and see maybe another program is sharing a file? maybe a corrupted file too Uninstall lor then reinstall last option but corrput files do happen. Just dont lose any of your other seq.

  6. When i say piping i mean paper tube that goes around fuse. If you expose the bp core by making a slit in the fuse and put paper tube (piping) around it the gases will pass the fire not the fuse itself. Kinda like in the movies when a explosion goes off in a tunnel and the fire ball shoots out sorta like that. Thats how you can make slow cannon fuse very speedy :) and remember to always test your fuse to see how it functions time it etc...B/c you dont want things to go wrong during display.

  7. I have a fire hydrant on my property up into my yard which isnt a problem i do all the weed eating around it make sure everything is clear all of that but heres the thing its PINK AND BLUE! It doesnt match anything in this whole neighborhood! My house has fire engine red doors and house is white. Fire dep. comes out sometimes and repaints it the SAME COLOR PINK AND BLUE! What is their problem? Can i paint it? I have the paint. Its not a real big deal but its pink and blue! What is with those colors? I would like to see it red and white youa know fire department colors or red and gold something nice but NOT PINK AND BLUE! Ugliest fire hydrant that has ever existed i swear and if ya dont believe its pink and blue i will get pictures lol

  8. Dont worry about it it will never happen. They have been talking about new meters and water meters here and it took them over 15 years to make the choice to do it and they keep talking about making the roads wider for 20 years but still every year they come out mark everything and nothing happens. I bet they have nothing better to do and just start making up things to do. I wouldnt worry about it right now if they do decide it would seriously surprise me but i dont see it happening anytime soon. I agree with everyone else though make some calls see what the deal is like you said possible line doesnt sound set in stoine to me...Sounds more like atleast look like your busy day :)

    Edit: and every year we have ice storms and lose power for days b/c branches would break off and knock lines down. How long do you think it took them to come out and cut the branches away from the power lines? YEARS! and they are still not done and we lose power like clock work....Thats your tax dollars at work :) :::Here hold this stop and go sign for 88 dollars a hour::: "SURE!" well theres always one thing you can do is remove the stakes so they have to come back out and redo everything that will save ya some time and get mighty funny. They paint the grass white paint over it green :)

  9. im not like trying to make a huge show i just want to add them to the finale of my water show. but thank you for telling me about that site :)

    Well what are you going to shoot i can help ya with fuse timming but one thing to remember is the same cake and same fuse will have different timing no matter if its the same or not but you can get it pretty close. Most 500 gram cakes run about 25-30 seconds depending. They have fuse from quick match 60 ft a sec(need type 54 for that)but sticky match you dont,cannon fuse,fast yellow all sorts of speeds and effects. Want all the stuff to go off at once? If your looking for that kind of speed your going to have problems passing fire....But ya know what are you after and what ya wanna shoot i most likely can help ya figure out when to lite the fuse with the timing. I can help ya too for best ways to attach fuse and how to speed up the slow stuff and how piping works etc.... Let me know

  10. One thing i can think of is extension cords is a trip hazard a BIG NO NO! when it comes to firing zones. Yeah the red tape its going to take to shoot in NJ is NOT WORTH IT! Safe and sane states are insane just to get a permit for 1.4g and just to get e matches you need to apply for your type 54 and have to do a interveiw with atf (they will assign you a agent.) Then have a place to store which they have to see and approve of and that aint cheap plus it has to be away from any dwellings blah blah blah and you need to know the orange book inside and out. Why are ematches classified as 1.3g who knows. BUT they are talons that are basically the same look up youtube and see what im talking about. You dont need much to set them off just 12 volts. Goto pyrouniverse.com or pyroreview.com and look up deweycoon he puts together firing systems. My advice is dont bother trying to cross states line with works either they will be watching and waiting and bust ya seen it happen a lot. We lucky in SC we have firework supermarkets! My second little bit of advice is if ya have to ask you likely shouldnt be 1.3g or 1.4g do some more research of setups and work with a crew and learn the right way before you tear off into the indusry. I have been a shooter for 26years since i was 6 years old and progressed to the point i am now. I have to hand it to ya though thinking of e firing is great idea with all the stuff out there today ytheres no reason to hand fire anymore. Been a lot of accidents lately too look them up. One that happened few years ago static discharge from sliding box and opened up the truck like a banana peel and lost a few souls that day.....Theres more to the story but lets end it there. Final thought is join pyrouniverse.com ask questions do research learn how to do it the right way but DO NOT! ask about flash powder there or salutes they will bann you in a in a minute! Good luck and stay safe! Remember sandbags ae your friends flowered pots are not and NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!! shoot from abs or pvc. ONLY high density polyethylene only only ONLY high density polyethylene!!!! and pyroboom is a great place to get your mortars and racks i buy all mine from them and fast shipping and i have never had a failure that doesnt mean it cant happen b/c it does.....Look up some things and stay away from fiberglass too.

    EDIT: and remember in 1.3g anything over 8 inch shell is 1.1g they changed that two years ago i believe. So you can imagine the amount of more red tape. AND DONT FORGET your hazmat license. Ad if ou like your back you will stay away from fireworks it doesnt pay and its hell on the body...But i wish you the best of luck in your adventures. SOrry that was so dragged out one thing led to another thought then another and i just had to say it :)

  11. I am talking more about mini trees, meaga trees, leaping arches, mega poles and z trees etc...... More ideals out of christmas lights instead of wireframes or cut outs or Trains, Ferris Wheels, Carousels etc...

    WHAT!!?? Your getting to stay at a house. Why dont you setup there like you own it! Home is where you make it :) I dont think family would be angry just ask first. Four hours away doesnt sound too bad i say grab your stuff and get to planing! :) I dont have any big ideas though sometimes things come to me in the middle of the night and sometimes they dont but if i was to try something new it be a z tree. Those are pretty sweet!

  12. I'm trying to assemble the PC 16 Channel Board Kit, and I think I may have found a discrepancy with their assembly instructions. One of the parts in the parts listing is "C1- 10uF 50V 10% Ceramic capacitor", with the number "105Z". However, I have been told that 105Z refers to a 1uF capacitor, not a 10uF capacitor as indicated. Am I losing my mind or is there a mistake with the instructions? A friend is actually building my kits for me (he's a soldering expert, unlike me) and asked me the question. If you could help, I would appreciate it.



    When i was soldering mine i got confused also and mixed em up and i even put voltage reg. on backwards. Take a step back and reread directions until they make sense is what i should have did but it was late and the fumes and beer start to wear on ya and nothing makes sense anymore lol. Walk away for a few clear head then....Voltage reg numbers didnt match at all. I ended up sending back and getting lor to repair and they did THANK GOD! I think part numbers have changed over the years and nothing has been updated is my guess....

  13. Ok instead of spending 300 plus bucks for a high torque servo i want to use a wiper motor but i need it to go back and forth. How does it work and how do you hook it up with a h bridge?



  14. I remember there were discussions in the past down this line but I don't think anyone came up with a workable setup. I don't use LOR so I am not familiar with the board. Obviously, you could control SSR's with LOR but they would have to be AC input- zero cross pucks which would only allow you on and off control. Ideally, to have full control with all of the lighting functions and capabilities of the controller you would want to drive DC input, non zero cross SSR's. With my set up I drive 38 25 amp. pucks using channels on three AL boards. The Animated Lighting boards have 2 eight pin box headers on ea. board where the 3-5 vdc input can be picked up. I'm sure there would be a way to hack into a LOR board for the dc input signal pre triac which would give you full animated control. I'd shoot Dan a email, as I can't imagine it would be that complicated.

    Remember you want full animated capability with non zero cross SSR's........There is nothing like a 250 amp. cross fade all from two controllers.

    I hope im not the only one making these faces at the same time! LOL :blink::confused::unsure::wacko::o:(

  15. whats in it for me? I tell ya what after my father died there was nothing! no decor, bad attitudes, lots of fighting, lots of holes in the wall,i tore a whole wall off one time... you get the point not our best moments...It was horrible! This went on for years too it was miserable and i was likely the cause of most of it...Then one night in Nov they had all kinds of stuff on tv so i just started buying lights dragging stuff out of storage and wasnt going to have another holiday that was a crapper.....So thats why. For my family if someone else enjoys it thats gravy if they dont well they can go straight to.......And it will get bigger every year and more advanced but i aint stopping.

  16. I really dont see anything melting. I used to load 53 fters in the heat and it was BAD! But i never saw anything melt. I could be wrong though but i never heard of any returns comming back melted. I used to work at this other place that had a sprinkler system over the trucks that kept them a lil bit cooler so thats a thought on them really hot days. I mean attics get so hot here you better work at night or in the morning and i never saw anything melted in there either but thats not to say it wont happen. Only time i ever saw anything melt was a candle b/c the a/c went out and that was creepy! Fireworks even stored in those containers and they are not climate controlled and they dont go off. I hate to say dont worry and everything melts like what was mentioned but i dont see it happening unless the sun shot out one dem solar flares!(they keep talking about) and directly hits the trailer. Vents and fan wouldnt hurt anything atleast if there was a leak it would dry out and not cause mildew and be smelly and all that.

    EDIT: AND believe me they leak its not if its just when. So after heavy rain and during might wanna check so your stuff doesnt get ruined. I know the lights and stuff be fine but the cardboard boxes make a mess and other stuff you might decide to store that aint waterproof etc...

  17. So what your saying is theperson who bought them had two accounts.? and was bidding there own bid up.?

    Im not a betting man BUT id bet on that. They wanted big money so if you keep the bids growing then the next person bids its great and if nobody bids well you didnt lose anything. Its gray area i dont do that but i have heard people drive bids up so the other bidder has to pay more which is crappy if ya ask me but it happens.

  18. That person had two accounts or a person that knew them to raise the bids. Funny thing is it happens all the time. Its nothing for someone to have more then one account and pull a fast one on ebay and buyers. I know it still happens b/c read the feed back its all the same. When the feedback isnt different like a typo here or there or all typos or A+++ every single time with caps. Yeah your looking at the seller buying their own stuff. Start the bid off low and get people to bid high but when they dont the seller will try anything to make the buyers have to bid more. Just b/c they say ip are logged doesnt mean anything...People spoof all the time thats why theres packet filtering but... Been around computers for 26 years tech,security,repair,troubleshooting...TRUST NOBODY!

  19. I know its tough times and its tough for me too but i will assure you i dont go peacfully i am going to be animated this year if it kills me! If i have to get out there in the middle of the night then im going to do it! I almost quit once but... I didnt come this far to quit.... Too much blood sweat and tears to quit now. Maybe if i had a broken neck i would stop but until then it aint gonna happen! Its go time! Peopel that quit after a few years didnt want to do it to begin with. They Thought it might be the shiny thing that was going to make them happy and it didnt. Your all in or your out....

  20. I am fairly new to responding to things in the forum, I been reading for 3 years. The knowledge on this forum is unbelieveable.

    I have been thinking about making 2 snowman having a snowball fight over my driveway this year. On paper, it looks like it will work. I will be making them in the next couple off weeks, but would like some input before I start.

    Has anybody tried to build a spinning Snowman. I am planning on building 2 Snowman having a snowball fight, and when the snowball hits a snowman, it will spin (lights only). I was thinking of using 1/4' round and make 3 rings for bottom (36"), 3 rings for the middle (24")and 3 rings for the head (1 foot). On each ring set the 2 inter rings at a 45 degree angle from the main ring. I am hoping this will give me a spinning effect.

    Has anybody tried this?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Im kinda confused but heres how i would do it IF I COULD WELD! lol Ok attach the rings to a pole then in the ground put a smaller pole slide the larger pole over the smaller one and you have a pivot point. Now how are you going to make em spin? WIth real snow balls? Oh one more thing i was curious about you want each ring to spin seperate from the others or all at once? And where you slide the pole over other pole in the ground pole just put some kind of pin through it so the larger pole doesnt drag on the ground

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