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  1. I looked all over Ebay. All the ones I found are DC controlled. Why have they gone up so much? I bought some from Newark last year and they were under $10.00 now the same exact relay is $53.

    Any other ideas?

    I was looking few days ago and was shocked myself. I looked all over just not ebay and if you havent done that yet DONT the prices will make you sick! I read somewhere that in 2011 prices going up something about inflation or whatever. People having hard enough time as it is why not make it harder right? If you find a place please let me know.

  2. Lightning struck kinda close the other night and it got me thinking about the close calls i have had over the years. Shocks few really really! good ones some put me on my rear,almost got hit by a train stuck on the tracks DONT ASK,many lightning strikes within ft dunno how i didnt get hit you could smell it so close,hit by car at work without a scratch i was sore but i survived,got brushed by some giant 4x4 going 60 plus mph, have had guns and knifes pulled on me and i didnt call police someone else did there a few reports out there where and no it wasnt my fault they were just crazy, 3 tornados off the highway just going at the a steady pace like they racing or something there were farther out then you think but still,sweeping walkway and broom broke and must of hit something important b/c blood was pumping! ...not considering the stupid stunts i did as a kid (you know the ones when your parents freak out about when you break a few bones but your smiling thinking YEAH! NAILED IT!) Sometimes i wonder why im still alive! Im serious I know my body has taken a beating over the years from dumb stunts but im surprsied i can even walk. Everybody always says im lucky i dont think so... they want me to scratch the lottery tickets too and i win. But if ya ask me if i was able to find work NOPE! Did the bolt break off the motor mount? yeap! Did the dog do that to your arm YEAP! Did i take a extra step at bottom or top of stairs and hit head on wall? YEAP! Doesnt seem so lucky does it? Did water line break? YEAP! Lawn mowerbusted? YEAP! The list goes on and on. How can that be considered lucky? Far as im concerned im walking talking murphy!

  3. ???

    Would you give her money back if she lost money???

    You asked got your money.

    She sold them and made a profit?

    People on here sell things for more than they paid all the time.

    Sorry I just don't see why she is what you called her.

    I think he thought they were going to a good home. Theres lots of memories in items. I know if someone even touched my blowmolds they would lose their dialing digets no joke! I grew up with these things. Plus if she does sell them for 100 thats 75 more he could of had who wouldnt be hot. Plus she added more fuel on the fire by saying HAHHAHHAHAHHA these are expensive. Make your stomach drop i tell ya. I been there....

  4. Does anyone know how to remove your posts.????

    Thank you

    You can just edit it and say why you edited it and say something like please remove im sure a mod will help out. I dont see nothing wrong with what ya posted though. Leave it up we all get upset about things like this. I see your point when i saw the same stuff i just sold i was like WHAAAA!

  5. I wouldnt worry about it. I have sold old items on ebay and see some "dealer" buy them for reasonable amounts and you know what they poped up for auction the day it arrived at 100 times the price i sold it for and beleive it or not they still trying to sell those items and that was like year ago. Jokes on them i sold at a resonable price and they are greedy and never get their money back. Everybody seems to be a expert lately with all this "reality tv" They will never sell them at that price and you wanna know why? They are greedy and greedy people dont get what they want....Its pathetic really. If i were you i run my mouth about making 25 bucks! :) Be the better person let them lose sleep over it. Remeber these key words :::everybody thinks their a expert::: HAHHAHAHA but there not.... :blink:

  6. Perhaps you could clarify what you are selling? My first read was two controllers for $80, but then you mention the antenna and it only being used for 5 minutes. Since controllers don't have antennas, are you referring to a transmitter?

    One transmitter and the 33 inch telescoping antenna for 80. Sorry about that. My weekend aint exactly been a cake walk....its the heat!!!! Cant think straight


  7. Just not going to be able to do the 32 channels this year and the way i have everything setup its either 32 or static and i cant afford another controller right now and i have NO! time so if someone wants this i let it go for 80 plus shipping and i bought the additional 33 inch telescoping antenna that comes with it....So...It has maybe 5 minutes on it testing then i put in the drawer and went on to something else. Maybe next year for me will be better :) Be willing for trade also depending on whats on the other side.


  8. is this the same people for manheim steamroller? http://shop.mannheimsteamroller.com/info/Contact_Us Maybe somebody should contact them and ask if we bought the songs if they would have a problem with it at all? Im not writing im not the most "political correct" person around these here parts :) and http://www.trans-siberian.com/ I know thats not all the music that is used but thats a start and if permission is granted why not? Who knows might be able to point in right direction. I dunno about the rest of ya but if they say they dont care im gonna do what i do!

  9. In a meeting with Sen Bob Cocker and Cong Phil Roe I ask about this bill and was informed "it has a chance of passing". We need to contact our congressmen and express our disaprovel of this bill. You can find your congressmens phone number in the phone book or go to the web site and send them a letter. It is my understanding that if it passes it will be against the law to play music over our short range transmitters that have been sequanced for public viewing without paying fees. The numbers I have seen are not cheap, we are looking at a range from $25.00 to $150.00 per song per night. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEN NOW!!!!

    Ya know a lot of people do this and raise a lot of money and items for the needy or what not and now we have our us goverment basicly stealing from them! How bout dem apples?

  10. If i have said it once i have said it 1000 times we have paid our dues...records,8 track,cassete,cd,mp3 downloads and what ever else im missing. They are greedy plain and simple. They just like to make everybody else unhappy b/c they are not happy.......If anyone should be complaining its us maybe we should sue them for making us buy the same song 15 TIMES! over the years. And do you think one minute its cheap to buy rights? I have heard some things in the past and it was uncanny amounts!

  11. Wait your telling me someone is pissing our tax dollars away worried about this? Hmm i wonder why we are so deep in debt. We have homeless people,violet crimes,biz going under and people losing everything but one damn video being seen 10 plus times is the problem? Maybe they should be more worried about all the people that had to deal with tornados this year...OR maybe we should stop paying taxes and see how long those rich fat cats can live on pork and beans down by the river or just flat out stop voting for these tards! Yeah this gets under my skin....

  12. Theres another one with subject line federal reserve board. I just got today. Its a scam. Dodge it like a bullet! I believe this one came out in march so....DO NOT CLICK! Dont get worried and think its irs or something like that just ignore.....Its either phishing or embedded code maybe both.

  13. Theres clear coats out there that dont yellow and its all about the brand you buy you get what ya pay for. Like i wouldnt put trust in dollar store brand not to turn yellow. Check the can it should say something like non yellowing or something like that. I have heard and dunno if any truth to it or not but sometimes the clear reacts with some paints and turns yellow but ya know....Maybe something like a car clear coat? I havent seen white cars turn yellow. Remember you get what ya pay for. I would do a test too get some of the same wood if you have a scrap from that sheet would be even more ideal b/c you wont have any varibles and paint test colors same way you did cutout with same stock of paint and clear them and see. Do things overtime turn yellow and get old sure thats the price we pay for being outside. Just read the can should say something about non yellowing.

  14. Im thinking of using a fiberglass floor pan for mine and tile on the walls. I dont know how else to get the slope in the tile. I have also been told by others to make sure you use the waterproof membrane at least half way up the wall. I just started on my kitchen this week, then illl move to the baths. Im no expert.. ive just been researching this for a while.

    Half way up the wall is a waste thats like 4 ft. If you want overkill then go for it i dont think it would hurt anything but i am doing 12 inches and i think most only do 3 inches but if you think 4 ft is wise do it dont want to have to redo thats for sure and do a water test for leaks before you cut the drain. I know that kerdi stuff needs to go all over and be overlapped by 3 inches. I think i might go the kerdi route though i have my worries about it never used before but im willing to give it a shot. It looks good and easy enough and match that with that markeindustry items i dont think you can go wrong

  15. You may want to look at this:


    They got good reviews from a home repair magazine that I subscribe to. Haven't used it myself.

    Perfect! 30 bucks i see so far b/c all i need is quick pitch and not a kit. Thats exactly what i need. Not to knock the kits or anything b/c i bet they are time savers and if your knocking out houses one after another then it would be great but....I have a few hours so it will work great. Thanks for your time everyone :)


  16. They make a styrofoam base for showers that come in two pieces that you tile over top of. It already has the pitch to go to the drain and comes with a styrofoam block for the entrance to the shower. Ive seen it on Holmes on Homes. Google probase shower pan kit. Its not cheap.

    THATS CRAZY PRICED! Thats not gonna happen at that price. Im thinking thinset pad and cement board be a cheaper option but is it the right option? Im not spending 400-600 bucks for syrofoam thats NUTS! Have second suggestion?

  17. almost done with the kitchen and thinking about bathrooms. Now i know what tile i want to use and toliets,sinks,fixtures etc...But i wanna rip out the old fiberglass tubs and build a frame a cement board and tile the stall. I have no problem with tile i actually pretty great at it not to toot my own horn or anything but my issuse is the floor of the stall. I know you need a pitch so the water will drain right but has anybody done this lately and have any advice of what not to do? Id like to have glass door also and lighting over shower but whats the safest way to do that also? Ya know just a couple things im kinda worried about. Any advice at all would be great!

    Edit: oh and what do you think is the best way to get the fiberglass tub out that one been bugging me. Its hardly been used and i like to get out in one piece i could give away to place that recycles things from old houses i cant remember name now its late and its been rough day! lol Scrap yard what ever....Brain just aint working right now....

    OH ONE MORE THING! At the other house we had a stall but there was some kind of heat light thing and it was nice! I dunno if thats safe or not but you sure didnt freeze when the hot water was off and drying off in winter. Anybody know what im talking about? Sure would like one of those here might of been a heater i thought it came from bulb though....


  18. Aside from blown plug fuses or missing/non-shunted lamps, are there any other reasons why a ministring would suddenly stop working?

    What's the quickest way to test lamps?


    Ok i do this all the time find a string that has same base for the bulbs pull enough bulbs out of good string to have half of it go out and check each bulb. Time consuming yes is it cheap yes can you go through whole string and find out its a short yes. Thats what i do though. Ever tried to change the bulb from the base for 10 strings you want time consuming "I want red white and blue strings" :blink: ....If the string is not that important id say buy another one b/c your fingers nails will break off! and your mind will want to fart out on ya. But best of luck some people use those fancy machines but i aint rich so i do it old school :) or you could just shake the string a bit and i KNOW we have all done this. "WHIP IT!" Ok ok its on now lol Good luck bud!

  19. Sounds like a plan Ryan.

    Frost, no Breakers are rated similar to wires. It is 40A per leg. Not 40A total. When your working with Double pole breakers it's intended for either 220V feeds or shared neutral stuff like Split receptacles or sub panels. In the case of your kitchen receptacles, the top plug is good for 15A and the bottom plug is good for 15A and when you go to your panel it will be a double pole 15A. This is ideal for this hobby. Because it gives you the most power with the least wires and plugs. You get two 15A feeds out of one plug. Using only 3 wires Black/Red/White. The same concept as his RV Cable!

    That might of just been more confusing but I hope it helped a bit.

    Sorry ryantn about hijacking your thread.

    Tremor you sure you can put 15 amps per plugin so total of 30 per outlet? That would make things so much easier for me if i could. I thought the outlet that says 15 is 15 total. Why dont they just say 15 per plugin for people like me? Thats why im so confused and cant learn something or get misinformed is b/c theres never any directions! They think i still cant read or something...Im not 5 anymore :)....Granted i know just about enough to kill myself and if i have to ask i shouldnt be doing it but whats the fun in that? One thing i dont understand though is theres two hots but one neutral wire just dont break tab on neutral side?

  20. When dealing with 120 volt cords like we normally do, they are rated based on one "hot" one "neutral" and one "ground" wire. It is a little confusing, yes.

    Just to think about: If your main pannel is rated for 200 amps, that's at 220/240 volts, so you really have 400 Amps available at 110/120 volts. Granted you should stay within the 80% rule (don't use over 80% of the total capacity of your circuts)

    Here's an excellent chart of wire sizes and ratings, also has a chart for wire sizes needed for longer runs.


    The only reason i brought that up was on dbl breakers that say dble 40 are 20 per leg(thats what i was told anyway maybe im wrong) not 40 per leg so wire is rated different then breakers?

  21. 30 amp per conductor? I thought when they rate wire the amp number is total for that jacketed wire not per conductor. Am i missing something here? I dunno anything about rv cable but..........Sounds odd to me. So your saying 1 wire out of a one jacket rv cable that is 10 ga can handle 30 amps total? Hey im no expert im just asking here.

  22. Anybody have access to cnc to cut plexi? Im working on a prototype that i sure could use help on. More testing has to be done as of now but Whats the going rate per hour? Its not very big or complicated just needs to be precise b/c of binding with linkage arms.


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