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    I love Christmas. I miss the mystical merry magic that existed when I was young. I have 3 children and husband. Love snow, chocolate, helping others and helping hospice patients.
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    wedding cakes, wedding flowers and decorations, hospice work, reading, helping others
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    stay at home, homeschool son
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    Over 150 nutcrackers; 40+ animated figures. Much more.
  1. Hi I am new so please bare with me. I posted one message with links to ads I placed on Craigs list. We are downsizing our animated figures and nutcrackers. I am still going through them but I created an album under my profile with the items we are currently selling. If you click on them they will open to show you information and prices. If you know how else I can go about selling these please let me know. We are keeping many but need to sell some. Thanks, Michele
  2. I am located in Chesapeake and I am downsizing my collection of 200 nutcrackers, with approx. 60 to sell and my animated figure collection of 40, with approx. 15 to sell. they are listed on Craigs list under collectibles in Hampton Roads. I am also selling my complete blowmold set of the nativity. $300 originally with all pieces and selling for $150 or $125 if sold by this weekend. Will send pics directly if you let me know. Michele
  3. I am new to this site but would like to share. I am a collector of animated figures and nutcrackers. We have about 40+ animated figures and almost 200 nutcrackers. We are downsizing though and therefore have placed some ads on Craigs. I am in Hampton Roads, VA. Below are links to my current ads if anyone is interested or would like to spread the word. https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst?pii=1492135138&db=lv https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst?pii=1493449587&db=lv https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst?pii=1492153650&db=lv https://accounts.craigslist.
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