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    teacher who loves Christmas lights!
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    Christmas lights, cars, fireworks
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    So far I am a beginner trying to get some good tips to make the best display possible.

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  1. I put the sandbags inside the inflatable (at the bottom). They slide in through the bottom slit.
  2. I have the 16' Santa. I put 3 - 30 lb. sand bags at the bottom and it helped big time. It's a very nice inflatable!
  3. Yep, that's where I found him. Grabbed the last one. They had a Red Angry Bird too that was pretty neat.
  4. Okay, I know he's not an inflatable and I am mostly an inflatable guy, however, I saw this guy today and can;t believe how awesome he is!!
  5. I found this on Craigslist for $40. I offered the guy $30 and he accepted. Inflated it today and it looks and operates like new. Going on the roof this year!
  6. So my wife calls me and says there is a huge reindeer inflatable for sale at a garage sale. She says they wants $10 bucks. Without seeing it I tell her to take it. She sends me a picture and I was super stoked to see this!
  7. The Lowes here in Indy are now 75% off. I was able to snag the Santa Snack Wagon plus the Santa in the Outhouse. They even let me use a 10% off coupon I had. I also went back and grabbed the display nativity. I think I spent around $70 for all 3.
  8. If it's the LED lights that have purple in addition to the regular colors than I say yes, it is a good deal. If it is traditional colors than I have seen them cheaper at Wal-mart and Meijer.
  9. I know that the c6 LED's are $8.99 a box......so that will be about $4.50 a box on Saturday.
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