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  1. That's Not Christmas Mix 2014: This is a mix I created along with the help of my kids. We have around 30,000 lights both LED and traditional. Many are controlled using 80 channels and LOR software.
  2. Thanks jem5136...do you happen to have a picture of one of your PVCs and a link to where to buy the hinges on-line?
  3. I have used hot glue to attach my C7s to my house (corners, around windows etc.) in the past. I'll be running three separate strings with different colors to be controlled this year. Any ideas or suggestions about mounting lights to wood siding, and rock? I think the hot glue would be excessive for this many lights.
  4. I know I've read that some have purchased lights direct from manufacturerers in China (through alibaba or aliexpress etc.). Has anyone had success with this? Is it worth it? For example, what is the cost you've paid for C7 Green, dimmable LED lights?
  5. Allchristmasandmore.com has SPT 1/2 plugs for $0.37 each, best price I've seen. Christmaslightshow.com has SPT wire for $150.00 for 1000 feet, also the best price I've seen. Hope that helps.
  6. How do you guys mount lights to the ridges of your house? On my last house I had one ridge line and just hot glued lights to it. We've now built a new house with multiple ridges and I want to do something different. I thought about shingle clips but we are on a corner and I want to be able to see it from all angles.
  7. Thanks. There are very few times in the sequences where the entire thing is on all at once. I have a friend who said he has done this as well but I wanted to see if others had done it. -jason
  8. This is my first year using LOR stuff. I have one 16 channel controller. I have about 35 amps of lights to run on it and didn't realize i had that much. Has anyone switched the two 15 amp fuses to 20 amp fuses to accommodate more power? Or, is this safe to do without burning up the circuits? My other option is to buy another controller, which I was planning on doing next year anyway. Thanks
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