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    Mom of three who loves doing xmas decorating!
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    mostly cutouts... looking do do a gingerbread themem this year
  1. Wasn't sure where to post this I was thinking painting canvas tarp but I'm afraid it might peel or crack. What's cheap out there that i can use to paint on? I don't want to spend the $ on a pre-made one. Thanks so much!
  2. Wow thank you all so much! VERY helpful! So glad this forum is out there... Been looking for a place like this for YEARS!
  3. Sorry this being my first post an all I have had the hardest time finding coro in the south bay area (CA) but finally found a place that sells 4mm or 10mm. Obviously I would like to go with the 4mm because it's 13.27. Will this hold up? I haven't used coro before... Many thanks!
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