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    I'm a newbie, just bought a 6 channel gemmy
  1. Thanks to everyone for their support, help, suggestions and patience! Looking forward to my little light show. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I'm a newbie here in St. Pete Florida and will be attempting my first little light show this year. I bought a Gemmy 6 channel with sound online from Home Depot and if all goes well, I'll upgrade in the coming years. First, please forgive my ignorance when it comes to setting up my display. I guess I have just a few stupid questions. From what I understand, and I haven't received the Gemmy yet, that each channel is limited to approx 1.5 Amps. I've done the math and it looks like LED's are the way to go. With that said, does anyone know where to find these at a reasonable price? Furthermore, I don't even know what a reasonable price is LOL. Poking around online I see them for $15-$24 for a strand of 100. Also, I see the specs vary where-as the wattage is different by brand. Now for my stupid question.. I've seen people who've posted videos of their shows on here and I'm trying to make heads or tails of the light layout. Looking at a roof line, I see blue, red and green lights flashing on and off separately to music. My question is, are those three separate strings of lights plugged into different channels or are they one multi colored string? I'm really looking forward to this year and my children are VERY excited. Any help and/or suggestions are appreciated. If you'd like to share some tips or tricks that would be great too. Many thanks in advance and Happy Holidays. -- Dave
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